Monday, July 8, 2013

Heavenly Summer Days

As the warm, mellow summer slowly waltzes on,
the peonies are done pirouetting in my garden,
but they continue to delight my soul in photos.

There was an abundance of fragrant pink blooms this year,
and I rescued as many as I could before some strong storms knocked them down.

Roses, catmint, and clematis are gracefully swaying in their place now.

'Zepherine Drouhine"

'Mary' rose

'Henryii' clematis

Numerous gallons of cherries off our trees have been picked...


and either made into pies or frozen to use during the winter.

Our organic vegetable garden is happily growing, too ~ and we're already enjoying
zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, spinach, and peas for dinner.

A charming little Moroccan table is now gracing my living room.

I have wanted one for so long,
and love the bohemian look it has added to the room.
(Thank you, Rachel!)

My favorite blush pink roses on the work table in my studio,
where I've been very busy creating dream catchers and large wooden faux rosaries.

(Thank you to all of you who have asked me to create them for you.
It continues to bring me so much joy!
Email me if you'd like one.
I'm ready to create more!)

This is one of my favorite new dream catchers.
I had planned on naming it something having to do with angel wings,
but for some reason,
visions of snow geese kept fluttering around in my mind.
So, "Snow Goose" was born.

An all white creation with lots of wood beads, pieces of shells, and glass beads
that reflect the sky and beach,
woods and water ~
snow goose habitat.

I think this one is my favorite so far.  :)

Another new one is "Pink & Aqua"
which has a sweet, romantic look...

and is embellished with beads with a bohemian feel.

New "Lavender Fields" is a glorious vision of pale purple and lavender.

The smallest new addition to my collection is
petite little
"Prairie Clover"

A 5" ring of lavender colored sweetness.

More rosary orders are being completed and mailed out to happy friends.

As I work in my studio,
fragrance softly wafts around the room from
sweetly scented stock...

and romantic roses.

My sweet Sophie quietly watches...

while my darling Maizie dreams of sleeping on shabby chic pillows.

Summer days are blissful here at Heaven's Walk.

We are richly blessed.

~  Blessings  ~

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  1. You live a wonderful life there on your farm, Laurie! Growing gorgeous flowers and healthy fruit and vegetables. You create the most beautiful dream catchers and rosaries and you cherish your furry friends. Life is good to you! :)


    P.S. I have always wondered how you get the pits out of cherries until I saw your little gadget!

  2. Beautiful post, Laurie. I'm always enchanted by your dream catchers. However, I have to know.....Did your husband make those pies? lol

  3. Everything is just dreamy sweetie... love love love the petite dream catcher... I want one for my bathroom... I have a teeny space that it would just fit!... so lovely... and your flowers are all beautiful... of course my favorites of all are Sophie and Maizie... kisses sweet babies... and those pies... yum... I love cherries too and could eat a whole pie!... (well, maybe)... love seeing Summer at your farmhouse... pure bliss... savor every minute of it... I know you do... you are a Summer girl, like me... xoxo Julie Marie PS Is Prairie Clover still available????....

  4. dreamy catchers and dreamy pets, love how they are looking so very comfortable and cared are certainly blessed. All your pictures are absolutely dreamily beautiful.

  5. Laurie,
    Such lovely divine creations in your dream catchers, dear friend!!!
    The roses throughout this post are gorgeous. . .
    I can almost smell their heady fragrance!
    While several of the Gardens here on the Prairie
    are finished blooming for the Season,
    others are beginning to awaken with vibrant blossoms.
    Daisies, purple cone flowers and my favorite. . .
    Sunflowers grace my days!!!
    The resident bunny, "Pee Wee", remains and is no longer fearful of us!!!
    I, too, dear friend, feel blessed!!!

  6. the flowers, the pies, the cushy chairs, the kitties...ahh, truly, heavenly!

  7. Lovely pictures. Your flowers look so beautiful. Our garden has take a real beating this year with too much rain.

  8. I love your Dreamcatchers and Rosaries. Your new side table looks lovely and those cherries look so yummy! They wouldn't have made it into a pie at our house :)Not to mention your sweet furry favorite of all your beautiful photos!

  9. Oh Laurie, what a peaceful and calming, beautiful post.

    I just love its message. Wonderfully done, ma'am!

  10. Beautiful as always, but I'm kind of crushing on those cherry pies!!!

  11. Enjoy summer Ria...x !

  12. Do you grow that pink stock!!! and I want to pinch that cute cat!

  13. Your photos are so beautiful Laurie, but Maizie just stole my heart!

  14. Beautiful! I also like that cherry pitter, you have. I need to do something with cherries when they are out and fresh. You inspire me to do so. Flowers are gorgeous and your animals are beautiful!

  15. i think your furry friends tells your story so well, laurie-- a sweet and comfortable life:) your creations are so pretty, i esp love the rosaries! have a great week!

  16. Laurie, I just want to come to your house with my two mini doxies and hang out!! Everything is so lovely and peaceful and has such a calm feeling!!


  17. Laurie, glorious. Thank you for linking up all these beautiful photos in our linky party today. Love 'm. Have a great week!

  18. Sweet photos of your fur babies Laurie <3 .I have enjoyed seeing your decorating journey switching gears a bit and going with a romantic look.You home looks so calming and serene.Wow holy cow you have allot of cherries from your tree! Where did you find that cool pitter?

  19. It's as romantically beautiful as always, Laurie. It has been fun to see you go through all the changes in style over the past couple of years. Love the pics of your "babies". xoDiana

  20. Those gorgeous blooms caught my eye. Oh to have such flowers where I live. Enjoy!

  21. so much beauty, and i'm stuck on the cherries--oh my gracious sakes alive. delish!



  22. gorgeous photos! thank you for sharing beauty with us...

  23. I'd love to spend a day in your beautiful garden Laurie. It must be such a delight.

  24. Aww dear!!!!!LOVE ♥♥♥ Love your new small lila dreamcatcher,love your roses and peonies,love your bohemian white table-I need too this one so so much!!!!Love your style !!!!!
    Have a nice sunny day's!!!Hugs♥

  25. Absolutely beautiful summer post. You know I love your dreamcatchers and the little lavender one you made is precious. You must post more photos of your beautiful
    kitty , Sophie.

  26. Lovely Laurie... everything you do shows the gentleness of your spirit... always a pleasure coming to see you.


  27. Everything looks so pretty, as always! You've become so good at making dream catchers and rosaries. I might like to purchase a rosary from you. How much do you charge for them? Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

  28. Your pictures are just so full of love..

    Love it.

    xoxo Rozmeen

  29. It looks like you are having a happy summer at Heaven's Walk.

  30. Such beautiful creations, Laurie. Love your little table also.

  31. I really love your table Laurie... head over heals with it!!! and your dreamcatchers and oh, the peonies;;; to die for!! such a beautiful heavenly post! as always!
    lots of love to you (and a hug for your precious mum)
    laura xx

  32. Laurie I'm jealous of all those cherries! Your pictures are gorgeous as always and your dream catchers are so pretty! Thanks for linking up to ITS PARTY TIME -- I tweeting & shared via G+. :)

  33. Gorgeous photos. What a beautiful blog you have!

  34. Your home is lovely and your flowers, too. And cherries from your garden! I'd love to be able to pick fresh cherries from my own trees!

  35. Oh Laurie another beautiful post. I love your table and those cherry pies look delicious! To bad I'm on a diet. sigh That new dream catcher is one of my favorites also.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  36. I am in awe that you have Peonies right now! Love the photos and love your new table - gorgeous! I am so delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  37. Your studio is a little piece of heaven Laurie. Love your gorgeous Peonies. You made that table fit perfectly with your décor. Wondering if maybe a pink and aqua might work in our new basement guest room. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  38. Laurie, Your such an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post. I'm in love with your peonies, so pretty! Your cute Sophie and Maizie are so precious, love them!! Your new Moroccan table is perfect in your living room. Everything is just beautiful!


  39. Your dream catchers are gorgeous. That's the way I used to get my kids to stay asleep when they had bad dreams. We'd talk about the magic of the dream catcher keeping away bad dreams and only letting the lovely ones through. Worked every time!

  40. Oh those flowers, your sweet critters and your lovely creations....all so breathtakingly beautiful! xoxo


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