Sunday, June 2, 2013

Music in the Gardens

Many of you have asked for photos of my garden.

With all the rain we've had lately,
everything seems to be happily bursting forth with color and fragrance!
Most plants are budding, pushing their color slowly into the garden ~
while others are dancing and swirling freely in their early summer attire.
There's music in the gardens!

So, grab that cup of coffee, 
slip on your flip flops,
and dance with me through the gardens
here at Heaven's Walk.

The rose bush in my whiskey barrel next to the door
snuggles next to frilly ballerina pink verbena.

A look into the east gardens from the brick path next to the back porch.

Standing in the middle of the east gardens, 
the deep purple lilacs are finished performing
while the white lilacs are quickly fading.
The French lilacs on the right are still blooming beautifully ~
bowing their rain heavy heads toward the earth.

The shady north side gardens are filling in nicely.
My new-last-year arbor will eventually be covered with a cape of soft pink 'New Dawn' roses.
This is the second season in their new home.

The birdbath at the corner of the porch
is a popular pit-stop for a variety of feathered friends.
We've even watched squirrels jump up there for a slurp,
and many times during the winter it will be drained almost dry from the deer sipping from it.

French "Josie" lilacs ~
petite little blossoms that are so full and fragrant.

'Josphine' clematis ~ a large double bloomer that is winding her way up the small arch on the steps of the porch.
The long petals will eventually fall to the ground leaving the zinnia-like centers.

'Nelly Moser' loves her home on the old trellis in the north garden.
She is always a steadfast, happy bloomer towering above the elegant bleeding heart
and dainty sweet woodruff.

Standing in the north gardens.

The plants in my new north garden bed are growing by leaps and bounds.
Hydrangea, roses, hosta, bleeding heart, catmint, 
and a new fir tree.

A female bluebird visits her favorite bath
in the center of the east garden.
I brought the little pale pink cement birdbath home from the antique market a couple months ago
and set it in the middle of the large one.
It created additional space for birds to bath together.

Kind of like a community spa.  :)

Happy hostas pirouette with partying peonies.

Looking toward our barn.
We have plans of renovating it sometime this year before the wood ages too much more.
We don't want to lose this beautiful piece of history which was built long before our farmhouse was.

Sweet, stately foxglove
sprinkled with raindrops.

Crowds of peonies reach toward the sky.

Little Kermit waits for his buddies.
There are 20 of them who join him in the nightly waterfront chorus.

Standing on the outside perimeter of the east garden,
'Zephirine Drouhin' climbs happily over the arbor.
The first bloom made her appearance today.

Her deep pink flowers will soon blanket the arbor and send sweet fragrance throughout the gardens.

'Sarah Bernhardt' peonies tango with 'Walker's Low' catmint.

Dichondra and bacopa spill from a vintage wooden box
next to an old watering can on a wooden bench my husband built for me years ago.

Every time I walk through the gardens, I hear a whisper...

"Abide in Me".

A loving reminder from above
that blesses my soul.

Now....I'm off to prepare Heaven's Walk for a photo shoot with a beloved, nationally known editor.
I'll fill you in on the details later!  :)

Have a joyful week!

~  Be Blessed ~

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  1. Your gardens are just beautiful Laurie!! I wish my Peonies had half as many blooms as yours, but this year I am only getting just a few. What is your secret? :)

  2. It truly is Heaven's Walk strolling through your beautiful gardens... everything is so lovely sweetie... just like you... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Oh I just love your garden!! You need to help me!! I so know who is coming over!!!

  4. Laurie your garden is breath taking. I wish I had such an eye for placement. It is such a wonderful gift.

  5. Laurie-Those gardens are just absolutely beautiful. You have done a spectacular job with your plantings. I don't think there was much there when you started, was there? You could certainly hire yourself out as a garden designer if you chose to. Love it, girlie!!!!! xo Diana

  6. how in the world do you keep all of that up and weed free. looks like you have a ton of peonys I might have to pick!!

  7. I'll echo the other thoughts...absolutely beautiful!♥♫

  8. just so wonderful, love the Peonies. your photos are so beautiful!

  9. Hello dear Laurie! Your gardens are simply beautiful my friend! I can just imagine all those peonies in bloom! I have a guess as to whom might be visitng ;) Looking forward to hearing all about it! Blessings to you and yours. Jacqueline

  10. Everything's so lush and beautiful! Well done and bless you too!

  11. I love it. Love gardens and those who garden. I see beautiful grass and how many peonies are going to open?? ! You have done so much and your home shows your own love. Beautiful!

  12. Your gardens are so pretty--they look perfect! It looks like heaven to me!

  13. Your gardens are just beautiful. I love the little pond. It must look amazing as each day passes from spring to summer.

  14. Wowwww your garden look great darling.....lovely Ria...x !

  15. so lush and beautiful, laurie! love your french clematis and the arbor rose will be gorgeous very soon:) a photo shoot?--how much fun!! enjoy it!

  16. Oh my goodness, I would feel like I WAS in heaven walking through your lovely garden. Thank you so much for the beautiful tour. I have a little sign in my garden that says "One is closer to God in a garden than anywhere else on earth" How true, how true!!!!!

  17. I love your gardens. You have kept them so nice and clean. I know it's labor of love. I love the roses. xoxo,Susie

  18. Your gardens are truly stunning and showstoppers. I can tell you put a lot of love care into this beauty. The birds in the birdbaths are just precious to watch. We have several of them in our yard too.


  19. Awwww you have very beautiful gardem-my heart signing ♥♥♥
    Have a nice dwee dear!

  20. I was thinking to invite myself over this week, during my sabbatical, but perhaps this week might be full for you. ;-) I could get lost here. Just beautiful Laurie.

  21. Laurie your garden really is heavenly. Your pictures are just gorgeous. Looks like a wonderful place to just relax! Shared on G+. Thank you so much for linking up to ITS PARTY TIME. xoxo

  22. It just doesn't get any prettier than this. Your garden is just gorgeous!

  23. Oh Laurie, a Heaven's Walk indeed. Your garden is simply glorious, and I am filled with envy of your peonies buds in the works. How on earth do you get so many? I've got 3 bushes and I'm lucky if I'll get 5 flowers this year. Phooey.
    At least I can enjoy your gorgeous garden via the benefits of blogland. I love taking a stroll through your beautiful outdoor splendor.
    Oh, and huge congrats on the visiting editor. Hmmmm...dare I guess Fifi?
    I know whatever feature it is will be a big hit my dear!

  24. Laurie,
    Gardening in full swing for my first season here on the Prairie. . .
    I know all of this "eye~candy" is the fruit of your labors, dear friend!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  25. Hi I am stopping by your blog from the Adorned From Above Wednesday Blog Hop. I would very much love it if you would stop by ours as well. We also have a great giveaway running with a winner to be announced in 8 days. Come on by and join up. We will also have a blog hop Friday.


    Thanks so much!

  26. Just stunning. Your gardens are lovely.

  27. Beautiful gardens, the clematis is just amazing! Here in northern Michigan the lilacs are just starting to bloom, our garden are about 3 weeks behind. Love the roses and peonies, thanks for sharing, Laura

  28. Hi
    I'm Co-hosting with Katherines Corner this week and wanted to say hello. I want to be sitting in the middle of all that beauty. Absolutely gorgeous, so glad I came to visit. I'm also your newest follower.


    PS: Hope you will visit me and hopefully want to return the follow.

  29. Can I come and stay. I'll be glad to sleep in one of the gardens. So, so beautiful. My honesuckle has just started to bloom. So, so, fragrant.

    What a blessing to stroll through your gardens.

    Marie @ &

  30. OH MY GOSH! Your garden is insanely wonderful. I has everything good, a lush green carpet of grass, water, bird baths, little toads and frogs, a million peonies, and roses and flowers, and arbors... I'm in love...


  31. So very lovely. Your garden is such a delight - it must give you endless hours of pleasure. Please do let us in on the secret to getting the peonies to produce so many blooms - they are absolutely amazing. It must be a sight to behold when they are all in bloom!!

  32. Your garden is absolutely beautiful, filled with so many wonderful plants...foxglove, clematis, peonies, lilacs....

    How wonderful that a national magazine is coming for a photo shoot! I will definitely watch for the article.


  33. such a beautiful garden Laurie, so envious!! especially the peonies! We could never grow them here; way too hot! Dont forget to let us know about the photo shoot, keep us updated!
    have a wonderful week!!
    Laura xxx

  34. Your gardens are stunning Laurie. I am gradually redoing my overgrown, crowded flower beds. Too much to do and not enough time! Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!


  35. Your garden is beautiful.....what a peaceful place to relax at the end of the day. I love the water and arch affects. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  36. Your gardens are simply spectacular! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the fan favorites today at the Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House! Pop on in and grab a Sunday Showcase button for your blog. Hope to see your prettiness again tomorrow at the bash. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  37. Laurie,
    Your gardens are just breathtaking! I so enjoyed this tour. Thanks for sharing your creative beautiful gardens with us.

  38. Laurie You are the Featured Creative Person from dolly's designs. Please stop by and get your featured button if you wish. Thank you for sharing such beauty and inspiration with us!

  39. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Blog Hop. We always love seeing everyone's posts.
    Have a great week and here is this weeks party has started. Here is the link.
    Debi and Charly

  40. Laurie, Congrats! You'll be featured this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Lovely tour of your beautiful garden!

    Take Care,

  41. Totally envious for your beautiful garden Laurie. I'd love to be able to grow peonies... they must be so lovely when they bloom. I'm featuring you at Shabbilicious Friday this week.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  42. Your garden is simply breathtaking, Laurie. I am in peony Heaven, can't wait til those buds open in all their glory. xo

  43. OMG Laurie - out of this world - that pond area?
    I'd hang around there all day - I'd bring my furniture in that little paradise and happily paint it there
    I'd hang a hammock and lay there for hours
    I'd have picnics in there
    Well you get the picture, right?
    It's absolutely breathtaking - beautiful beautiful job!

  44. I don't know where you live, but it is certainly HEAVENLY!!! I just drool over those plants! Living in HOT and DRY West Texas....I've dreamed of living somewhere that flowers grow like yours......but, if I make it to Heaven, I'll enjoy them THERE!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  45. Oh my, what an absolutely gorgeous garden you have! I would love to spend some time exploring all the nooks and crannies. And with such a wonderful variety of plants and architectural interest, I bet it's such a joy to watch it change with the seasons!


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