Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Bling

Can you see it?

The subtle yet blingy change in the kitchen?

If you missed my Thanksgiving post,
here is the kitchen ready for guests.

Look closely...

Now, do you see it?

I turned on the Christmas bling for you.

I brought this chandelier home from a local antique market this summer.
It's been sitting in my office
on the floor
in a box

then sneakily moved to the kitchen counter

just waiting to be noticed.

(Sometimes that just works better than wifely nagging.)

Well, on a cold, rainy Saturday recently,
The Husband finally asked why there was a chandelier hanging out on said kitchen counter.

"What chandelier.....?
THAT chandelier?"

(insert the infamous Eye Roll from Husband)

"Yes, that chandelier.
The one that's been in my way when I'm cooking.
Do you want it hung someplace....
or is this a new way of decorating with these things...?"

"Oh, puh-leeeez!!!"
 (said I with the perfected Wifely Eye Roll)

(even though there IS one casually laying on top of the bookcase in my office
just because I like it there for now -
until it gets hung in the living room...


but I'm saving that request for another cold, rainy day.)

"Nooo....but would you help me hang it?"

"Anything to get if off the counter....."

And with that, I giddily pranced off to grab my toolbox before he changed his mind.

 So, with me standing on top of the table
and he directing me from below...

(once a teacher, always a teacher, you know) 

I untwisted wires,
unstrung wires,
strung new wires,
retwisted the new wires,
we hung this beauty together.

"Did you actually just climb back onto the table to take a picture of this light for your blog...?."

"Yep, I did. 
A blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do, honey."

"Do you want me to take a picture of you up there taking a picture of the light....?

"Are you kidding me?! 
From that angle my bum would look like the broad side of a barn!"

"Oh, good grief...."
(insert slow head shake)

 We couldn't believe how much brighter the room looked when we flicked the switch on.
A dimmer is definitely on the shopping list.

But, oh such beautiful brightness!
Such delightful dazzle!
Such gorgeous glittery-ness!

We stood back in awe.

(I wanted to throw in a few photos of our Christmas table.)

New glittery candle holder nabbed at JoAnne Fabrics for 1/2 price.

I bought the vintage wooden cutting board at Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a couple dollars.

The painting on the frantel was created by my dad's mother many decades ago.

I truly treasure the paintings that have been passed down to me from her and my dad.

But then,

before I could stop myself,
before I could put a lid on it,
before I could slap my hand over my mouth...
I blurted out...

"Ummmmm....wanna do another one, hon....?"

(Insert Husband's eyes-over-glasses under a furrowed brow)

"There's ANOTHER one?"

But it's MUCH  

(Insert Husbandly "like that makes a hoot of difference?" facial expression.

So, after a deep sigh of resignation,
 a second bit of bling was installed within the hour.

 This sweet chandy is on the landing going upstairs,
and replaced Boob light #2.

We kept the original gold ceiling medallion up there for now
until I can pick up a pretty white, embellished one at Home Depot or Lowes.
In the meantime, I'm going to smudge some King's Gold gilding wax on this one to tone down the shine and age it a bit.
If I like it, it just may stay

(which will prevent any husbandly eye rolls, sighs, and furrowed brows, I'm sure).

No bags of coal for this husband for Christmas.
He's been a good boy.

(maybe a bit sarcastic at times,
but a good boy for the most part.


Little does he know there are TWO more chandies 


~  Blessings ~

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  1. I do love me some bling! We have talked about getting a dimmer switch for our dining room chandy for......years, now.

  2. You are a genius - it was almost his idea and then it gets done...

    Beautiful chandys!

  3. Haha! Cute story and I LOVE it!!! :) Awesome chandelier Laurie!!

  4. Love that story too!!! I love your Kitchen, very beautiful, love the wood!! Your table setting was just beautiful !! Love this post!!! Sweet

  5. You are so cute! Love the great & delicate maneuvering.....we have to manage these things very carefully when it comes to bugging our husbands to death huh?? ;)
    Really love the chandys! And 2 more you say????? oh fun! We can never get enough! :)

  6. Great story sweetie!!! Oh the bag of tricks us wives have to help prod our talented and useful husbands!!! My biggest motivator is telling him I'll cook whatever he wants for dinner AND that I do a shout out and brag about him on my blog !!!! He also doesn't mind if I include a picture of him too!!! He's so funny! Well anyway, Rog and you did a great job because the chandy's look fabulous!!! Don't they make a world of difference? I'm so happy for you and your home is so beautiful. Love all the hardwoods too !
    Hugs to you~

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE your bling...not one but TWO!!!!
    You sure are a lucky gal to have such a wonderful hubby!!!
    Happy Holidays!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  8. Ha, ha, ha...loved the ending! I noticed your new chandy immediatley!! It is so so so pretty! I just love it! The room is now uber romantic!

  9. Good job on the husband. And you're becoming an apprentice electricial! Taught my grandson how to rewire a lamp recently and he wanted to know why grandmothers need to know that. Cause the grandfather is on the golf course!

  10. Love this post! And I love those chandys. Gorgeous and perfect for your space. Love it!! No eye roll here. Lol.

  11. Love your new bling! Every girl needs some bling at Christmas, right? Tell the Mister that the female contingency in blogland are quite proud of his work. :)

  12. Bling, Bling...Avon calling! Remember THOSE ads? I know you do! Love the looks of your new shiny babies. They both look great. And you got rid of another boob in your house. I have one that I would like to get rid of some days myself- xo Diana

  13. Oh they are all fabulous! I have three of my Grandmothers Chandeliers I treasure.I hear you though it can be hard to get the Mr. motivated to hang them.That painting is also a real treasures for sure~Blessings Kim

  14. They are both truly deLIGHTful! You kitchen makes one yearn to settle into a chair for a lovely meal & conversation!

  15. Beautiful chandeliers, Laurie and I enjoyed your you aren't the only one, huh? Why do those men even bother trying to ignore us?

    Enjoy your new lighting:-)


  16. SO enjoyed the fun reading this wonderful post- couldn't be happier for you they are so perfectly YOU!

    Your hubs deserves more than a few hugs for sure. Good man.

    Yay, well done, you two!!

  17. Really pretty chandy! I love your bag of tricks with your husband...perfect! LOL! xo

  18. Dear Laurie
    Beautiful chandy and yes and a very special hubby. The room looks divine and so cozy!!!

    Happy Holidays and blessings to you

  19. ha! both are so precious, yet the small one speaks to me especially. tell your husband he is the king of bling. then again, maybe don't.

    happy weekend to you, sparkly mama.


  20. I lové booth thé chandeliers ...the enamel farm house one is so new to a Nordic look for all of us bloggers and the new one looking so bling shabby chic, two different looks but both so amazing. I am sure the bling is there to stay and perhaps you will find a place for the one you took down! Maybe your bathroom :)
    I love the breadboard look to the ceiling such a warm footage feel.

    Thank you for sharing,
    With the holidays approaching every added touch you have given your home will delight a Joyeux Noël

  21. It all look so lovely Laurie !!...10 days to

  22. Oh I love your new bling! The picture you took from above is awesome--so worth getting back on the table. Love it--enjoy!

  23. Lovely bit of sparkle.
    He HE HE,funny comments about hubby.:)

  24. Our poor husband, they don't realize that the work list never ends when they are married to DIYers and decor fanatics like us! I love the juxtaposition of the bling against the wood ceiling in your kitchen!! Gorgeous.

  25. But how could he refuse you????? You are the cutest little darlin'! ;)
    I love both of them Laurie..what a treat!
    Thank God for husbands who are so sweet and kind to help us with our decorating...even with a furrowed brow and a rolling eye here and
    I love your homey and cozy home and those chandies are the perfect touch! Can't wait to see the other Another day though, right? We'll give him a break for a bit...;)
    Merry Christmas my sweet friend!!!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxoox

  26. Laurie, PERFECT spot for your beauty in your lovely dining room! What a difference a chandy makes. Aren't we good at knowing how to give our husbands' the joy of helping us with all of our great ideas?!
    Mary Alice

  27. What lovely "Chandys"...I am glad you sweet talked your hubby into putting them up! But you sound like me...not wanting to push your luck by asking him to do the other two that you are keeping a secret! Ha!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  28. Beautiful chandeliers, Laurie! I love the one hung over your table ~ it looks great lit up.

  29. Laurie I love that bling!!!!! I have some of those "boob" lights too.I have many to replace in this home it will take some time.There are a few lights we have already replaced.But since I have changed my home I want to change those too.Which means Mr. Cottage is going to have to help me re-hang them :-) .Not sure he is going to be thrilled with the idea of replacing ones we already replaced.I think I may wait a while longer LOL.

  30. Sooo dreamy and beautiful Laurie... your blog name really does fit your style... it is just Heavenly... your chandeliers are so gorgeous... sigh... I think I want to come live at your house... and I know what you mean about those eye rolls... I get them every time I bring a new vintage treasure home... and that look... that "where is that going to go" look... but we love them anyway!... xoxo Julie Marie

  31. You snapped up a beauty...the perfect addition to your dining area!

  32. I love your home! And your chandys! I lucked out on one from Craigs List for $25! It has 8 lights and sooooooo heavy! I love chandys. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Love your new chandys. The dining room does look so much brighter and blingier. Great hubby.


  34. Laura,
    Oh, dear friend, love, LOVE, L O V E your Christmas Bling...that will last all year through!!! The chandelier on your landing is so very similar to the silver one in our guest room!!! It was a gift purchased with money my Dad sent for Christmas ten years ago!!! I adore it!!! You will yours, too!
    The dialog between you two is a hoot!!! But, he did offer to take a photo of you taking a photo. Be sure to leave Santa some cookies and milk for being so~o~o sweet!!!

  35. such a cute post! love your new blings and the story, laurie:) so sweet to have your g-mom's painting! and i saw an adorable apron in your kitchen,too-happy weekend!

  36. I love how it looks Laurie!!! The chandelier was such a great find. It is sooo pretty. Great teamwork you guys!!!! SO much fun to read the story behind 'the hanging' : )
    sending hugs...

  37. HA! There were four? What scores! Go you and your garage sale stealth! Thank you for linking up on Photo Friday - on the Ladies holiday blog hop. Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you again next week.

  38. Your bling is lovely...and so is your man!
    Holiday Hugs,

  39. Hi Laurie thank you for following and been a friend I will be following your blog I just love it! your home is so shabby chic... love! xo Val :)

  40. What a lovely chandelier you have posted in here. Thanks for sharing your Christmas bling here! :)

    philippine real estate

  41. Oh my gosh, ya'll are so funny... he so "gets" you. I love the question he asked, that if you wanted him to take a picture of you, taking a pic of the chandy... this post totally made me laugh. And,... your chandys look wonderful! Awesome that you got them both done in the same day!!!


  42. Gorgeous Laurie! Love both of them. They add such a beautiful romantic touch. All you had to do was tell hubby that and he be all up to hanging them. Kind of like putting up the mistletoe. Must admit, wished we had got to see the picture of you on the table taking the picture. Been there and done that! If your bum would look like a barn mine would look like a whole bunch of barns. lol! Thanks for sharing with Creating Christmas!

  43. Oh how beautiful Laurie!!
    This post is absolutely perfect timing...I just picked one up similar to the first one you shared. Jim thinks it's for the shop...hee hee...wait until I show him your post!

  44. You must have the most romantic home in blogland - just love all the details Laurie - and your chandeliers are just gorgeous.
    AND I must try some of your sweetness in getting hubby to comply - this vinegar I'm using is getting me nowhere LOL
    Much love,

  45. Hi. Love this post. Everything is just beautiful. Did you do anything to the candle holder you bought from Joanne's? I have one that is white, but yours looks silverish. Is it just the lighting or did you possibly paint it? I'd love to know. Thank you. Mona

  46. oh yeah...loving the bling! The one I bought for above my dining room table, ended up in my attic studio! It shines bright for me as I create. Perhaps it will migrate one day.

  47. M ~ My JoAnne's had both white and silver candle holders. I had originally picked up the white one, but ended up liking the silvery gold one better! Laurie

  48. Oooh Laurie, I adore your bling!!! Actually, I adore everything about your home!!! :) Thanks for the comment on my FB fan page btw - sweet of you to leave a msg on one of my photos. Wishing you a most blessed and wonderful holiday!


  49. Your kitchen is lovely, Laurie. I adore the whites as well as your wood ceiling, and of course your new chandy. Merry Christmas!

  50. Laurie, I forgot to mention in my comment, that the painting by your grandmother is wonderful!

  51. Just beautiful! I am going to have to figure out where in this house to hang a chandie!!! Merry Christmas!

  52. Just found your beautiful blog and love the photos. The bling was the perfect addition to an already delicious space!

  53. Hi Laurie I love!!! your kitchen so much and your chandeliers are so chic!!! xo Val :)

  54. Thank yo Laurie for your answer to "My shabby French life" page on fb and on my blog ! I do love your blog and I'm following it and you are in my blog roll since the beginning of my new blog.
    Wish you a sweet Merry Christmas.

  55. So beautiful Laurie! Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  56. everything is always so twinkly pretty at your place!
    wishing you a very merry and blessed christmas, my dear.

  57. Sending you love and peace for a Happy Christmas Laurie !
    Gail x

  58. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! So glad you brought back the chandies, and bling, sista!!! YES!!!
    Merry Christmas to you, and Rog!

  59. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

    Merry Christmas,
    Pearl 13.1

  60. OMG you're definitely a Woman after my own Heart... The Man got so tired of installing Chandies that now I DO have them laying around in Vignettes as a Styling Statement because its doubtful they'll make it to a ceiling?! *Winks* Can one ever have enough Chandies... I think not! I had a difficult time though keeping my eyes on your New Bling because I was intent on Admiring that Persian Carpet under the Table... I am a Hoarder of Vintage Exotic Rugs, there are more of those rolled up than unhung Chandies laying around in fact! *Winks* Your Home as always is so Cheerful, Romantic and Inviting... and Styled Impeccibly. Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit and I will continue Prayers for your Dear Mom. My Mom just got out of the Hospital a day before Christmas but she's still having a rough time of it and the Nursing Home can't always meet her at her point of need medically so it may be a rollercoaster ride for some time yet and my Brother is having difficulty with her Anger towards him having to make the difficult decisions on her behalf. I have to remind him that she has Mad Love for both of us, but being put in a difficult position involuntarily is not an easy transition, she's not where she wants to be and its a huge adjustment. He was used to me doing it for so long that this is a new experience for him taking over in the past year and a half, it's a tough row to hoe when a Loved One becomes chronically very ill, not for the faint of Heart.

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  61. Oh I saw it right away and immediately fell in love with it! But Laurie, secretly I just know your husband enjoys it when he can light up your eyes (pun intended) so easily! Your weakness for a gorgeous chandy or two (or 4)is completely understood by me. xoxo


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