Monday, November 12, 2012

Heaven's Walk visits "I Gotta Create: Inspiring Creative Women"

Have you met sweet Christina at I Gotta Create?  
Have you heard of her special posts featuring inspiring women from all over the world?


Have you ever wanted to know a little more about Heaven's Walk?

Last month, Christina was kind enough to ask me to participate in her "Inspiring Creative Women" series. This series is dedicated to in-depth interviews designed to bring the creative process into sharper focus, and gives us all a chance to get to know each other on a deeper basis. She has interviewed some fabulously creative women like Kathy at Katalina Jewelry, Lizy at Lizy B Bakes, Katie at Creatively Living, and Bliss Ranch.
And guess what?  
You can meet each one over at Christina's!

Needless to say I was surprised....and quite humbled.
I never thought of myself as inspiring, to tell you the truth.
[A little dorky.  A little spoiled.  Maybe a wee bit obsessed...yes.]

As I looked over the questions she sent me and began to ponder each of them,
the answers that flowed from my fingertips onto the keyboard transported me back to a childhood full of beautiful memories. I also came to realize how much bloggers (and many blog friends) have inspired ME throughout this wonderful Blogger journey. 

So, if you're at all curious,
about Christina, 
her fabulous blog and inspiring series, 
and of course,

little ol' me...
stop over to Christina's!

~ Blessings ~

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  1. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to interview you as an Inspiring Creative Woman, Laurie! I love visiting you and coming away feeling more peaceful and centered. That is such a treasure in this often hectic world. And to also see so much beauty and be inspired by your ideas... well, that just takes it over the top! Thank you for what you do, and thank you for sharing over at I Gotta Create!

    <3 Christina

  2. Laurie, You are definitely an inspiring creative woman, so I am glad Christina is featuring you. Heading over there to check it out. Congratulations!!
    Mary Alicer

  3. Congratulations! Your posts are always fun and thought provoking to read. Love your ruffles and shabbiness too!

  4. Congratulations Laurie!... I know you certainly inspire me... I am on my way over to read your feature!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Hi Laurie...Loved reading the interview with you. Great job! I'm glad you mentioned that your inspiration comes from God. We need more mentions of Him in our world, don't we? Take care. Susan

  6. Omg Laurie. You are very inspiring!! Beautiful inside and out. And your home is divine. And so serene.

  7. Laurie,
    Your inspiring comes with the softness of an Angel, dear friend! Heaven's Walk is a continual source for encouragement and uplifting each time I open your post. I'll drop~in for a closer glimpse of the amazing woman God has blest my life with. . .you!

  8. Your sweet, warm, funny and yep....very Inspirational blog is a treat for us who visit. Thank you Laurie. :) xo

  9. Congrats Laurie! Your blog is always full of lovely inspirations. Truly a beautiful place to visit! Hugs, Shari

  10. Thanks for sharing I am still taking the creative home course in between painting and am busy so will have to check out another ecourse in a few weeks, I have to say Laurie that I adore your blog banner I love the look of one large beautiful picture!
    have a wonderful day

  11. You're pretty inspiring to me, Laurie. I love your beautiful house and your beautiful spirit. xo

  12. Laurie your blog is so inspiring and I am popping over to check it out right now.


  13. Not only are you a creative women, you are an inspiring women in so many ways. Laurie I so remember my earlier visits with you where you inspired us with your connection to the beach, and the power and presence of God in your life, this all was so inspiring to many of us, you touched our hearts poetically with words that opened our thinking and filled our hearts with the joy of knowing him even through you. This all is part of who you are as an inspiring women, and creative one at best. One does not have to paint, craft, or sew to be creative yet you have tackled each of them gracefully adding romance and creative pieces to your home. Your creativeness is inspiring in the way you touch our hearts, and the way you creatively give with your encouraging visits with leaving us comments we treasure.

    Laurie, you inspire us soulfully.
    Keep creating beauty, we adore you.

  14. Congratulations. I will definitely go check it out. :)

  15. Totally curious... i'm goin over there!


  16. Congratulations sweet Laurie! You ARE inspirational, trust me.
    I'll take a look...

  17. nice interview! it is wonderful to get to know another middle child, just a little bit better...but i already liked you lots! your sweet and soul filled spirit inspires me.

  18. Congratulations!! I know just how tickled you must be! So, without further ado, I will now head on over and get to know you even better!

  19. Looking forward to reading this Laurie!! Congrats my friend! xoxo


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