Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweet, Simple Pleasures

Call me spoiled.

But I love buying myself a dozen roses each week at the grocery store
where I sometimes get lucky and find them on sale.
I love the simple act of picking out the blush pinks and whites,
or sometimes the lovely lavenders.
 I love the simple act of trimming them when I get home
and plunking them in various vases and vintage cups.

I love that they're real.

I've used faux ones before because they look so very lifelike now.
Hobby Lobby and Michael's carries beautiful silk flowers, btw.

But I bring in blooms from my garden as often as possible.
There's nothing like real flowers scattered throughout your home all year long.

Lilacs and peonies in the spring.
Roses and hydrangeas in the summer...

But with the drought this summer, blooms were far and few between.

I was in withdrawal.

So, I resorted to setting aside a few dollars each week for a small splurge.
And it had to be roses.

I love watching them slowly open their soft petals during the week,
and the way they eventually bend their pretty heads over the side of the vase
as if in prayer.

They grace various vignettes throughout Heaven's Walk,
even in a vintage mustache cup...

that sits in my favorite corner of the living room
on my favorite little table.

A new pillow slip carries through the pinks and greens of the roses.
See it peeking from behind the chaise on the slip covered church pew?

I first saw this fabric at Tausha's and fell head over heels for it.
I found some online and begged my sweet friend Shellagh at Ticking and Toile Linen Shoppe to whip up a nice, big, 28"x28" pillow slip for me.

I simply adore it.
(Thank you, Shellagh!)

Sweet, simple pleasures that bring a song to the soul
make my heart sing.

~  Blessings ~

PS ~  May I ask for some advice from you computer techies out there?

My computer keeps telling me that I have "high CPU usage" and "low disk space".
I can't even defrag because there's not enough disk space.  Yikes!
I spent houuurrrs deleting old files and photos, and then trying to transfer a huge amount of photos to CDs to create more disk space, but I'm still stuck because there's not enough disk space to actually write them on the CDs! Help! 
What do I need to do....??? 
Do I need to purchase more disk space?

I have tons of photos (as I know many of you do). How much disk space do you have on your computer? Or do you keep your photos someplace else?
I'm not savvy enough to know what programs I can delete from my drive or how to solve this problem...
so I need some help here, peeps!
Thank you so much!!

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  1. Beautiful!! Love your new pillow! xoxo

  2. Your new pillow is so pretty and those roses are gorgeous! I do not see that pretty of roses around here in grocery stores. I have been lucky--my roses have done really well this year. I have had beautiful roses for a couple months now--still going strong. I guess they call Portland the city of roses for a reason! I recently did a post on a candlestick project you inspired me to do. Enjoy that beautiful pillow and roses!

  3. I love fresh flowers too. They look very pretty in the photos you took. I love that pillow and the rosaries you made hanging in the background.


  4. I love your beautiful roses you picked out. The new pillow slip looks so pretty on the bench. Love all of your photos.

    My computer says THE EXACT SAME THING. I went and got an external storage device and moved all of my photos and files to it and erased them all from my computer. I actually had my neighbor (computer junky) do this. My itunes apparently takes up a lot of space and my computer still says this from time to time. I notice some blogs send it into a complete tizzy! I will be looking to see if anyone else has some good advice (my neighbor moved!). Good luck!


  5. The roses and pillow are all gorgeous. I am still not used to seeing you with such a romantic look. It is funny how our tastes change as we follow other peoples' blogs and get input from so many sources, isn't it? I know I have made some changes after seeing things that I liked...but then I keep going back to the "old me" cuz that is where I am happiest. lol I hope you have a wonderful night and, as you know, I am absolutely NO NO NO help when it comes to computer problem. I do have a zip drive that I plug in and take all the pictures off my computer and store them there. Then, if I want them, I just plug that in and can pull them off there. I think it was about $30 or so. Blessings to you tonight-xo Diana

  6. Beautiful roses! They get droopy because there is an air bubble in the stem and seem to wilt faster. "They" always say to cut the stems underwater, but I never have any luck with that. I just take what I get.

    As far as computer issues, find a young kid and let them add something that gives you more what ever it is that makes a fast powerful computer! Not much help, am I? I just need to use my thumb drives to store more. Apparently they come in giga bites, the bigger the number, the more storage. I have drives from 512 mg (small) to 16GB (more storage).♥♫

  7. i'm thinkin you just need to buy a separate drive to store some stuff on. my sis saves all her pictures to one so she doesn't have to worry ever.

    i love buying the faded roses for $5 at the grocery store and prolonging their lives for as long as i can! i am very frugal about such things and am not too proud to ask the florist for blooms on their last leg.

    simply lovely, laurie!


  8. There's nothing like fresh flowers. I love roses too, fresh, and dried. Beautiful photos, Laurie, and the pillow cover looks right at home.

  9. Fresh flowers are a need in my house too Laurie. Year round, I have to surround myself with them. It makes the so much more alive.
    Your new pillow is just lovely!!!

  10. I don't know much about computers, sorry!
    What I do know is your roses and corner of your living room are stunning!

  11. Your pretty things are not a luxury, they are what makes a home a refuge and a pleasure. It looks lovely and peaceful! ~ Maureen

  12. I have a couple of external drives. My iTunes library doesn't reside on my mop but on one of those external ones and then I will regularly plug the other one in and so I have 2 backups really. Photos on the other hand I keep on my hard drive and regularly copy the whole folder to those external drives. So I really have a triple backup of the photos. I refuse to buy anything but beautiful oriental lilies,, I have many rose bushes and use them when ican. But the dirty water gets me and I tend to forget the flowers until they are awful. Good luck with your computer issues, anything with video will take up massive space on the computer.

  13. You need a computer techy to help you, I know an outside external drive, you just plug in can hold alot of your pictures. We bought an external iomega drive and download alot on that.

  14. A house full of roses or any other flowers is only a distant dream for me as my DH has breathing problems. My mother always had a bowl of roses from the garen all through the summer and it's something I really miss even after all these years. Your new pillow is lovely and that big chaise looks really comfortable and inviting:)

  15. I love your roses! I do the same thing, I get fresh flowers every Friday! I love you big chaise! It looks dreamy! The cushion is fab! love love love your blog!
    Love Amanda

  16. LOVE LOVE your home and new pillow!!!Amazing.
    Have a nice day Vlaďka

  17. JUST BEAUTIFUL !!! I want to follow your stunning blog but I dont know what wrong with blogger.. I cant compete the "to follow "steps.. I will try later again.

    xoxo Rozmeen

  18. those roses are so precious looking, laurie! love your sweet pillow, and the slip on you pew:)

    i think everyone has the right idea--i would transfer the pics to a exterior hard drive. hope that fixes things for you:) have a great week!

  19. The roses are perfect in your room. I love that you appreciate them even as they are fading, something I appreciate too. As for the computer, I'm no techy but it sounds like everyone is on the right track with an external drive. Easy fix as it's almost plug-in installation.

  20. Want to know a little secret? Even with all the roses I have in the garden, I buy bouquets at the store from time to time, too. Summer garden roses don't keep well inside, and I love the look of a store-bought bouquet in the heat of summer. I still cut my own roses and put together little containers, but I can't do a big, beautiful bouquet like I can with the ones from the store.

    An external hard drive to hold your photos should solve your problem. Mine is a little bigger than a pack of cards, plugs into the USB hole, didn't cost much at all, and it's bright red so I don't lose it. Totally 'plug and play'. Just create a system of files on it, move your photos, and you will free up a LOT of space on your main computer. Just plug the drive in whenever you need to do anything photo related.

    I'm about to subscribe to an online backup service for this computer ... just to be safe. I have enough space on it to keep my photos and whatever else I want, but I still want to be sure that my stuff is protected.

    BTW, is it just me, or is it totally weird to have moustache cup with frilly painted roses on it?

  21. Such a nice treat for yourself, Laurie! I never think to buy flowers at the grocery until I see a post like this. I missed having some hydrangea blooms in my home this year {since we moved} but I only planted three new bushes at the end of May and then the drought hit. So, I'm just lucky they are still alive with some puny looking heads, but I'm hoping next year to have some good ones to cut and bring in. My neighbor has blooms the size of dinner plates on hers and they are drying right on her bushes. I'd love to slip out at night with a pair of scissors . . . : )

  22. I love your roses-well worth the money just for the photos! The new pillow is beautiful too.
    I have an external harddrive as well for all my pics.

    Take care,

  23. Laurie,
    Your roses are breathtaking! I never thought of the "fading" roses as bending their heads in prayer. Precious. . . Now, I'll never be able to throw them out!!!
    Computer techie, I'm NOT! Had the same problem last year and use a local Techie man here who is fabulous. We purchased an "external harddrive" and it stores all our photos and documents! Every six months, our man does a diagnostics test and so far, we're good to go!
    Also, I don't use the same digital photo chip over and over. When it fills up, I purchase a new chip. That way I will always have my photos without having loads of CD's about.
    Good luck! Hope you are able to find a solution that works for you!

  24. Everything looks so beautiful and fresh!!! Love the new pillow slip!!
    Have a great week

  25. Wowwww love your home !! great style !!! the pillow !!

  26. That pillow is soooooooooooooo pretty laurie!
    And your chaise looks so inviting. I have a chaise too and I actually never thought about a slipcover for it...hmmmm now I'm thinking. Lol
    I love roses too, and yours are beautiful. They look gorgeous on your favourite table.
    Sigh....I will soon be receiving my Mommas hydrangeas to adorn our home. Can't wait but I adore roses too!

    Deborah xoxoxoox

  27. Oh Laurie you are not spoiled every girl needs to have her splurges. I grew zinnnias again this year and bring those in.....though there are nothing like roses in the romance dept.
    Wish I could help you with your space issue. I haven't defragged in ages. Even moving your photos off to another harddrive will not get rid of them. You need to move them directly to the ext. hard drive when you are removing it from your camera. Thats one thing I learned late.

    good luck

  28. Your grocery store carries some gorgeous roses! I love getting fresh flowers, too...they make for such pretty vignettes.

    Your new pillow is beautiful, Laurie! Both of these ladies have wonderful blogs that I follow, very talented!

    Hope you are enjoying your week, the weather here is great!


  29. Love your new pillow. I have actually no computer advice to give you. I am definitely not a computer geek.

  30. Have you dumped your cookies and emptied your trash? Then restart and see how much you have. You can find an online source for storing your photos and then delete them off of your computer to where you can download the rest to a disk. You can also add more memory to your puter by having a geek do it. Its not that expensive and they can do it pretty quickly.

  31. You've completely convinced me that I need fill my new shop with roses! Oh Laurie, your pics are just breathtaking and that pillow slip is gorgeous. Seriously, I can just about imagine the glorious aroma from those roses coming right through the screen! And speaking of computers, I hope somewhere in these comments you've already gotten some good advice. xoxo ~Lili

  32. Roses are the best... I find them a lot at SAM'S Club. Always good deals and super fresh.

    xoRebecca PS: LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!

  33. You deserve those roses dear Laurie! And you also deserve to kick up and relax on that heavenly chaise lounge...sigh...
    Your new pillow is fabulous!

  34. Love your flowers (my personal favorite color)! LOVE, love love your slip covers and the pillow fabric!! I also Love the story of Heavens Walk!
    Just beautful!

  35. Your roses are so pretty! Your whole room is pretty for that matter....

  36. Beautiful ... Just so pretty!!! love love it !!! Me too Roses..

  37. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  38. That is a fantastic splurge to make. Calorie free and stress reducing -- what could be better than that? Beautiful! Thank you for the peaceful lift.

    And Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  39. Wow are those roses something gorgeous! Very nice pics, I can just picture hopping in that comfy chair and reading a magazine or two...

  40. Love the way you spoil yourself Laurie...the roses are so pretty!

  41. Beautiful roses! Love the fabric and pillow! Your favorite spot looks so cozy!

  42. I love my roses too - I keep buying new ones to plant each year!

    Popped in from Jann's SYCT.

  43. i love your blog and your photos are so inspiring! when my computer showed the same messages the computer tech showed me i was not up to capacity on processor capacity (CPU) or memory. you can check this out if you go into "my computer".i suggest having the computer serviced rather than deleting items or spending on extra storage at this stage - tho you might want to store photos on a separate removable drive.

  44. The roses look lovely!! Thanks for linking up at Take it on Tuesday!

  45. Laurie,
    I did that very thing myself today.Bought some Roses.My birthday is coming soon and I could not resist.I know my sweetheart would have surprised me.But I love those Pink and a tinge of green roses just like yours!I don't know the name and I usually do not see those at the market.They were not on sale.But since it is a birthday gift to me why not!You roses are exquisite.Love the romantic feel of your home.

  46. Laurie,
    I can not even picture Heavens Walk without roses. The two just go together. I have a few reblooming and I brought a few indoors. I have really enjoyed them. I have a hard time picking them because I don't have alot. Love the sweet color and your slip cover and pillow are heavenly. Not to mention the blue shutter. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  47. Love the roses! the weather over here has also been terrible for our garden roses this year , I love the soft pink colours you have chosen . Your chair and footstool looks sooooo inviting and cosy ! have a nice weekend...Gail x

  48. Hey Laurie! I know what you mean about fresh flowers ... my Sweetie bought me a bunch of daffodils and they are sitting in a green Depression Glass vase being sunny and cheerful in my lounge room. Love them ... and my Sweetie! Tee! Hee! Hee!

    My computer geek Sweetie (AKA "Geek Boy"!) organised a Dropbox account for me when I started having computer memory/storage issues. It's a cloud storage which costs a minimal fee per month (about $10 I think) and gives me 100 gigabytes which is WAY more than I need. It gives me the added security of a backup completely separate to our computer system in case of crashes ... plus I can access those files from any web browser and any computer ... especially handy cos I work on a laptop, desktop AND iPad at different times. If you're interested, check it out go to Hope that helps!! I'm very spoilt to have my tech support at the other end of the sofa! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  49. I absolutely LOVE your rose photos. You have a wonderful gift. :)

  50. Your chaise looks so inviting! The roses double the charm!

  51. I think it is a grand idea to treat yourself each week. They can add beauty and some can be dried for special memories - I'd choose that corner too! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  52. I just told my husband today that I think I must be descended from royalty because I love having fresh flowers all over my house all of the time! Good for you for treating yourself to such lovely flowers each week! You might need an external hard drive to give you more room on your computer?


  53. Your roses are stunning Laurie! There is nothing wrong with splurging :-) I hope you will stop by and visit my garden. You have such a lovely home.

  54. Hello, Laurie! My first time visiting your blog and love the images. And I agree... nothing can really take the place of fresh blooms. I love your chaise and how you've created a space that just beacons you to take a moment out of a busy day, and sit down for a spell. So very sweet! Now... about your space issue. Did you resize the photos before posting them? If not, use PicMonkey (free) to upload them and then resize. Once your space is used up, though, you can either buy more space on a monthly basis, or go back to all the old photos and take care of the resizing issue. This happened to me. Computer savvy I am not and did not realize that computers come with only a certain amount of space. Duh! Live and learn! And if this is not your issue, well, thanks for listening to me blather on!! LOL

  55. Hey Sis...I just bought some roses from the market today too! I just peeled off the outer petals, and they look wonderful!
    Your rooms look so pretty. Everything is soft, and cozy.
    I just got my computer back from the was full of bugs, and viruses.
    Also had to have some programs removed.


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