Thursday, March 22, 2012

Swedish Bedroom Blues

After some major closet decluttering,
a hefty donation to the local Goodwill Store,
and a garbage bag full of "Why-on-earth-did-I-keep-this?" stuff,
I focused on the master bedroom next.

I think the last time you saw this room,
it was Christmastide and it had a small pine tree filled with tiny, white lights settled in an old sap bucket,
and there was a big wreath on the bed mantel.

Now, it's dressed for a Swedish springtime.

I wanted to bring some blues in here, too,
like I have been with the rest of the house.
(I decided that the guest room would keep it's faded red grain sacks, though.
It just fits that room with the dark toned Jenny Lind bed.)

The inspiration for this room came from a painting that my Dad did many, many years ago.
Back in the day, he was a fabulous artist and loved dabbling in oil paints.
I now have a collection of them that I treasure.
I wish he had kept up with it because he was so talented.
This is my favorite picture he painted.
It hangs next to our bed.

The sky blues and deep aquas are so beautiful,
and it reminds me of the trip that Hubby and I took to Kennebunkport, Maine
many years ago.
The craggy, rocky shoreline with the crashing waves,
the statuesque lighthouses at every turn,
the beautiful historic architecture of the homes,
the multitude of antique shops,
not to mention the incredibly delicious lobster rolls,

made us both fall madly in love with that state.

(Check out Lili's blog at Fearless Nesting if you want to see some beautiful photos of Maine!)

So, the aqua linen duvet cover and shams were pulled out of the blanket chest at the foot of the bed,
and two grain sacks with Swedish blue stripes on them were added into the mix.
Nothing fancy.
Plain and simple.

We purchased the blanket chest while in Maine.  I'm seriously considering painting it because I'm tired of the green, but it's the original I'm hesitating...
Grain sacks: Grainsacks, Etsy
A long time ago, a friend of mine brought back a beautiful original Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic linen bag for me from her vacation in California.  
(Thank you, Pat! ♥)
I hung it next to a handmade crocheted pillowslip on the ladder in the corner of the room.

The bluebird-in-a-myrtle-tree is tucked into a 
vintage pitcher.

Floral pillow: Sassycat Creations, Etsy

In my effort to keep things clutter-free, the only thing that was placed on our bed mantel was a small candelabra, a wire heart, and a small ironstone pitcher with a hydrangea blossom.

Candelabra: ReStore, Wire heart: Faded Plains, Etsy

A big, old willow laundry basket on the blanket chest that sits at the foot of the bed 
holds a couple grain sacks amidst the creamy loveliness of some vintage crocheted coverlets I purchased at Doster Emporium last summer.

Doster Emporium is a fabulous antique/treasure shop inside an old, historic grain and lumber mill.
Georgina, the owner, is always finding special things to offer her customers in this unique building.
I'm renting a room there this season to sell Heaven's Walk painted furniture and my repurposed treasures.

(Look for Doster Emporium on Facebook! 
She just posted that she's sprucing the place up for opening day in mid-April!) 

One of the coverlets will soon get draped over our front porch swing for cool summer evenings.

"Toby's wings" hang lovingly on the armoire.

As soft shades of blue and gray make their way back into Heaven's Walk,
so does the warmth of the sun ~
along with the promise of springtime.

 [ Blessings ]

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  1. Oh Laurie,
    Your room looks gorgeous!!~
    And your Dad's painting is stunning!! What a fabulous treasure to have!
    Hope your having a lovely week.

  2. Lovely room and it looks like a swedish home. I have a white ladder and angle wings to *smile*.


  3. I love this look, it is soft and welcoming. And really love the old fashioned rotary phone. I would have kept them too if I thought I could.

  4. It looks amazing Laurie, I love those soft tones in the bedroom! Your Dad's painting is so gorgeous too! xo K

  5. I love everything about your room! Your daddy's painting is beautiful, such a treasure.
    Oh, I love Maine. Mama was born on PEI but grew up in Bath, Maine. I feel my roots go down deep whenever we visit there. I know Mama is why I feel most at home by the sea.
    The blanket chest...oh, I don't want you to paint it...such a treasure. But of course some people thought I was CrAzY when I painted my antique rocker. :)

  6. Very lovely and I adore the grain sacks on the bed. Your father's painting is beautiful and I can imagine that it makes you smile whenever you see it!

  7. What a lovely home you have !!!! great post darling.......spring kisses from

  8. Laurie,

    Everything looks so pretty and peaceful. I love the grain sack pillows on your bed. How is your mother doing? You haven't posted on this in a while and just wanted you to know I was thinking about you.


  9. It looks great, Laurie, and I really love the painting your Dad did. What a treasure that is! I would have a hard time painting that blanket chest, too, and if you ever do decide to part with it you will have lost the biggest value of it. xo Diana ps..Maine is one of my favorite spots in the US~

  10. Hi Laurie~~ I just love this peaceful room. What a calming place. Thanks your for is perfection

  11. Your dad's painting is beautiful! (so is your bedroom)

  12. Everything looks so beautiful and peaceful--love that painting!

  13. Love that painting.Your room looks so serene.Love all the special touches.

  14. Oh I so love your room! and that painting is wonderful. Such a pretty post.


  15. Your room is so soft and pretty! I'm a fan of blue, and it looks so pretty with your whites.

  16. oh bravo, laurie. you have such a magical touch. i love the bedroom and the simplicity of its beauty. how incredible to have that meaningful painting near you in your haven!

    smiles to you.


  17. Well, the room is just so beautiful! You have a nice touch. The grainsacks just do everything for this look, don't they! Very nice.

  18. So very LOVELY! The room anyone would love to stay and be your guest!
    Happy evening, friend!

  19. Stunning is an understatement....I just love it!

  20. Your room looks beautiful! I love the simplicity, Laurie. Simply beautiful.

  21. Such a lovely, peaceful room! If you can resist, please don't paint the chest. It gives a soft pop of color in the room. The original paint on it is wonderful! Just my opinion. :-)
    Mary Alice

  22. Laurie,
    Your bedroom looks soooooo lovely!!! I can't believe that painting! Your dad's talent is amazing! How neat! Of course, I am in love with the whole room & could definitely move right in! :)

  23. Oh Laurie, your room is so completely serene. And I love your father's beautiful painting. I would stare at it everyday I think. I have a couple of floral paintings that my mom did. I treasure them so much!


  24. I come from a family of proud Swedes! Love this! Come see the aprons my mother SIGRID made!

  25. Oh Laurie, what a beautiful, beautiful room! It's so simple and serene. And your father's painting...I love that too! Can I ask what the paint color is in your bedroom? It looks like such a nice, warm color :)

  26. What a lovely room. Your dad was truly talented.

  27. Laurie, this room is so beautiful and peaceful. I can imagine waking up surrounded by this serenity. You probably don't want to wake up especially on weekends. It is lovely. A minimalist myself, I love that you kept the accessories to a minimum.

  28. Your room looks beautiful I love the touches of blue (my favorite color). I think it is wonderful that you have your dad's paintings. He was very talented and I know they must be very special to you.

  29. Hey sweets, your room is so so pretty, I just love how soft it is. Your room is perfect to wake up to the sunshine streaming in.
    I love your dads painting, he is very talented and that is wonderful that you can have special treasures from him.
    Have a good day!

  30. Your room looks very calming and fresh! I love your peony pictures too from your garden-love the color combo.

    Have a great weekend!

  31. I am your newest follower. I love the calming and cozy effect you've created in your bedroom. Very pretty!!

  32. Your room is beautiful! I love the grain sack pillows and the old telephone! Simplicity! We don't realize how much we are blessed! I think we all need to go back to simplicity and a clutter free life.I have started decluttering also! My kitchen is where I started. It's so small that if two people are working in the room you bump into each other. Got my cabinet tops almost completed. YEA!

  33. I love the clean Swedish look, your bedroom looks gorgeous!!!

  34. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. Love it Laurie. Love your dads artwork. Love the simplicity. Love the textiles. I think I love everything.

  35. I feel so serene after reading your's like a zen moment or something. was beautiful. xo wendy

  36. Gorgeous! I virtually sat in that cozy chair for awhile and mused!

  37. Your room is so, so lovely, serene and peaceful. I love how you incorporated your father's art into the decor.

  38. Calm , Peaceful , easy feeling...What a lovely space...Blessings LOri

  39. What a beautiful, serene bedroom! I absolutely love it! I want to paint my now ASAP!!!
    Pamela xo

  40. So serene, Swedish and lovely in here Laurie! You've done a wonderful job transporting the room into spring. Such softness and beauty. Your father's painting is amazing! We're fortunate to be able to visit Maine often, and the image is picture perfect of a Maine coast.
    Sweet dreams,

  41. Love your beautiful, soothing bedroom. And, you are father was a wonderful artist. The colors in the painting are just gorgeous. My MIL was an artist, too. She painted in a little bit more primitive style. We have lots (11)of her paintings hanging in our house and I treasure them, too. Linda

  42. Love your bedroom. It is beautiful. One of my goals this year is to seriously declutter and make my home a more Swedish look. I love all the images in the Jeanne D'Arc magazines. I am a new Linky follower, and am a new blogger. I will have lots of rooms for before and afters. I just need to get busy.

  43. Glad to hear you will be renting a spot at Georgina's place!!! Perfect outlet for your furniture!
    Your bedroom looks wonderful, and ready to welcome Spring.
    I don't know...the blanket chest has such character with all it's chippy paint, and original wood showing through...painting over it might take some of that away.
    Enjoy the peacefulness of your pretty room.

  44. Good luck on your new venture Laurie, so happy for you!!
    Your bedroom looks so beautiful, a perfect place to rest at the end of the day!
    Take care and have a happy weekend!

  45. Laurie, how pretty! We're having a bedroom reveal soon, I have really not shown much of my home. Been so busy with my new business, and thank you by the way, for the lovely compliments on my Canary Yellow Table!
    I love your Bedroom, so cozy! I love that you kept a simple headboard too, so pretty, fresh and clean!

  46. Oh Laurie you are just the sweetest to include a shout out to me in this beautiful post! How I loved hearing about your special connection to Maine and seeing that amazing painting that your Dad did. The color of your blanket chest reminds me of the color the ocean turns around here in March, (even though I know you want to paint it, that's what I thought of when I saw it). Your bedroom is just so beautiful, restful, and serene looking and has that awesome JDL look that I crave. The simplicity of the wired heart and candelabra on the headboard and Toby's wings on the armoire have me sighing. Oh and the crocheted coverlets too! That is so exciting that you will have a space at the Doster Emporium too, I need to check that out on Facebook. I'm long winded today...but thank you so much dear for linking over to me, it really was such a fun surprise and made my day to see it! xoxo ~Lili

  47. So love your blanket chest. Never been to Maine, but have always wanted to, maybe one day. Congrats on your space at h Doster Emporium. Must be so exciting for you, I know I was was when I opened mine last month. Your bedroom is so serene looking. Love the grain sacks. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best.

  48. THis is gorgeous! I just love white decor - I wish I could Thanks for coming by to link up...I would love to have you back this week!
    See you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Changehave that, but my kids would not stand for it! It is beautiful and just stunning!

  49. Lovely, calming and serene! I love the painting your Dad did....glad you kept that!
    I just found your blog....glad I did..

  50. So beautiful! Love all the white with little bits of color.
    Would love it if you came by and linked up:

  51. These photos are gorgeous, as is the room! I love it! The textures and the Colors...that. blue!! This is a stunner and I love every single thing. And that gorgeous painting your father did...a true heirloom!

    Lou cinda. Xoxo

  52. This is so serene and beautiful! I could just stay here all day! I love the mantel. The simplicity is gorgeous! The painting is priceless! I'm now following by Linky Follower and Networked Blogs. I thought I already was- sorry I had missed them.

  53. I had to keep scrolling back to take another look, it's wonderful. So restful
    I am now following. and on pinterest. x jeanetteann

  54. Featured you today - stop by and see! Grab a button while you are there! Thanks for linking up!

    Stacey of Embracing Change

  55. Calm, romantic, beautiful, peaceful.

  56. Absolutely beautiful, I love it:-) Hugs, Biljana

  57. what a delite to find your post and the beauty you've shared ~
    inspiring... TY!

  58. yay! just became your #100 linky follower!
    and #995 gfc ;) very cool...

  59. Love it, Will you share the room paint color? Looking for a pretty neutral for the living room, I think this is it! Simple, refined, makes me want to come over and take a nap in this room.

    M Margaret

  60. Wow! Laurie. What a lovely painting. Your room is beautiful. Serene and calm. I love it!


  61. Oh, how gorgeously beautiful! You've done such a beautiful job - it's so YOU!! So romantic and lovely. Well done!!


  62. Oh my Laurie! It's so pretty and soothing, I just love everything! Thank you for sharing your beautiful room with us at Inspiration Friday!


  63. Such a dreamy bedroom. How special to have paintings done by your dad.

  64. LOVE your grain sack pillows and your dad's painting!! i see where your creativity comes from.

  65. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  66. I love it ALL!!! Where to begin??

    I would love for you to come link it up at my Linky party, "Cowgirl Up!", still going strong at the Farmhouse Porch.

  67. So very lovely and romantic ... and I love those easy, peasy spring changes with a few touches of blue to complement your father's beautiful artwork!

    Thanks so much for linking it up at our "It's a Cinch" party!



  68. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous as always!! love coming over to visit your beautiful blog! Thanks for linking up at FNF! :)

  69. What a beautiful bedroom ! I think maybe you got your creative flair from your dad ? his painting is really good such a shame he didn't carry on with painting ! Have a lovely weekend ...Gail x

  70. such a cozy, romantic room!

  71. Such a wonderful, peaceful place my friend! Beautiful!
    One Chatty Chic

  72. I know I say the same thing every time I visit....but I just love your's gorgeous!

  73. Peaceful, relaxing, amazing! I could spend all day (and night) in this room.

    Love your perfect touches - that plant in the white pitcher is perfect.

    So glad you joined our Cinch party.

    New Linky follower.

  74. Oh it's all so beautiful Laurie! What a beautiful restful place.
    I love your father's painting and I love that it was your inspiration.

  75. Everything looks so fresh and relaxing. All I can say is, ahhhh! I love all the little touches that make it so unique. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I'm inspired to make a clean break, too!

  76. Laurie - this is absolutely beautiful...I love the touches of blue, and I'm a sucker for a lighthouse. :) Thanks so much for sharing this at our party.

  77. Such a beautifully feminine room. I adore blue and white

  78. Laurie, this is such a lovely room. actually, it's an Etsy showroom. you must have spent quite a bit of time there to find all such loveliness!

  79. I am a new follower, I love your blog and your peaceful home! I am getting ready to repaint my little girl's bedroom and would love to know the name of the wall paint in your bedroom? It's gorgeous! Thank you, Laura


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