Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Robin & Sparrow

I didn't really have anything exciting to post about this week
since I've been working on some furniture pieces I nabbed at the
Habitat for Humanity ReStore
last week.

(Stay tuned.
They're almost finished!)

So, I thought I'd tell you about a special blog friend.

(Well....I actually have a gazillion,
but this post is about just one of them.)

Her name is Clare.

That's Clare on the right.  Her sweet momma is on the left.

She has a sweet blog called The Robin and Sparrow 
and a beautiful Etsy shop of the same darling name. 

I ordered a beautiful linen lavender-filled heart sachet from her a while ago
which has traveled throughout the rooms here at Heaven's Walk,
hanging from our TV armoires, pie safe, doorknobs,
and tucked into a vintage wire basket filled with yarn.

Her creations are stunning.

I received a gift from her the other day.

She's thoughtful like that.

I stood there at the counter and just took in how she tied the box up
with tattered strips of a vintage flowered sheet.

(Note to self: Do not throw away any more old sheets.)

I read her little note, and my broken heart filled with a whisper of joy.

You see, 
her gift arrived on the exact same day that I had to painfully cancel spring vacation plans 
to our beloved Florida island this year.

I was having a very sad day.

I slowly, carefully untied the knots and peered into the box.
The beautiful scent of lavender wafted up and embraced me.

This is what she sent me ~
all sweetly wrapped in a beautiful embroidered linen towel.

I delighted over the darling little ceramic bird and pearl filled vintage bottle.

The starfish and striped beach tag was a sweet reminder of ocean-side vacations past.

I imagined myself tying the pretty French postal tags on future gifts to friends.

They all sat atop a breathtaking embroidered handmade linen lavender-filled pillow.
I lifted the pillow from that box and inhaled it's calming fragrance.

The linen towel with the baby blue embroidered bird
was hung on the ladder in my bathroom.

(I'm putting away the red touches for now here at Heaven's Walk,
and bringing back my beloved blue for the spring and summer months.)

The gorgeous lavender filled pillow was placed in the white bowl on my coffee table.
When the sun shines in the window and warms the bowl, 
the room is filled with that delicious scent.

Thank you, Clare ~
for being such a cherished blog friend 
and for taking the time to make a sad day

a little happier.

Be sure to check out Clare's blog
and visit her sweet Etsy shop.

You'll find a new friend there,
I'm sure.

 [ Blessings ]

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  1. Oh, Laurie- I am so sorry to hear that you cancelled your trip. Is everything okay? I know how much you look forward to going! I love your wonderful surprise that you recieved. God knew you needed a little cheering up! Hugs- Diana

  2. Beautiful and thoughtful gift! I'm going to read her blog now.

  3. Oh my, what a beautiful package of lovelies. So sorry you had to cancel your trip. I'm glad Clare brought a little sunshine.

  4. Beautiful special gift from a special person to another special

  5. What a dear friend, and God knew you needed that package RIGHT then...
    He may also know that this trip, at this time was not what was best....but it still is a disappointment! Hope you are cheered a bit!

  6. How precious to have a friend with such a sweet heart. I love the kindness that sent this treasure to you.
    And it did make you smile deep within on a day you needed perfect.
    Blessings Laurie xoxo

    Deborah xoxo

  7. Such a nice blogfriend you have thinking of you. Beautiful things you have from her.


  8. Good people do good things, and receive good things in return. What a beautiful, touching gift from the heart. xo

  9. Hi there, It is so wonderful when we receive a tangible gift of love from our friends; it lifts our spirits. I can understand the disappointment of a cancelled trip but trust knowing there is something better out there for you.
    Going to visit Claire now and also some bloggers who commented that I haven't met yet.
    Blessings, Noreen

  10. What a wonderful blessing our blog friends are! Have a sweet rest of the week, dear Laurie!! xo

  11. Wow, how very sweet Laurie, i will be sure to visit her blog! A lot of work must have gone into her embroideries, so pretty. Cant wait to see all of your blue additions! and the furniture peices you have been working on! sure they will be just gorgeous!
    have a wonderful day!!! Laura xx

  12. Laurie,
    I didn't know you had to cancel your vacation! So sad!! I'm sorry!

    What a sweet thoughtful gift from Clare! What a darling shop she must have. Definitely need to check it out. Hope you're doing ok. Love ya tons!!

  13. What a beautiful gift.I am going to head on over to her shop.

  14. Hi Laurie,
    I just went to leave you a comment & it disappeared... just in case you get a short "hi laurie" from me... Anyways, I love the goods you've shown us here, so feminine and pretty. I will check it out this weekend, thank you for the heads up.

    Have a wonderful weekend! I see you're on Linky, so I'm off to follow you there too. xoxo~Tracie

  15. Laurie,
    Sometimes when things don't turn out the way we plan. . .it's because there's something better awaiting us. I hope this is true for you, dear friend! The "treasures" of your package are truly, delightful! Thank you for sharing each one with all of us!

  16. What beautiful treasures you received.
    I must visit Clare. Thanks for sharing.
    take care!

  17. Oh Laurie, I'm sorry to hear that you had to cancel your trip...but it warmed my heart that you have an angel looking over you! What a lovely friend Clare is and how sweet your treasures are...Thinking of you...xoxokathee

  18. Oh, sorry you had to cancel your trip. I'm making a note to myself too ... not to throw away those old sheets. How cute. What a thoughtful friend.

  19. So thoughtful of Clare to send you that package. Everything is so lovely and I find it perfectly timed that a few of those treasures were coastal, considering you just needed to cancel your vacation. (So sorry.) I'm sure they brought a smile to your face and it's a sweet reminder of how real blog friendships can be. xo Jami

  20. What a sweet blog friend -- I am making a note to self... be a better blog friend. =) People love you.

  21. I love when unexpected surprises full of thoughtfullness and love arrive at our doors, especially those "just because" ones. The content was lovely.

  22. Clare has impeccable timing as people who follow their hearts normally do.

  23. Sorry to hear you had to cancel your vacation. What a blessing to have such a sweet blog friend...your gifts are so lovely. I am heading over to your friend's blog. Thanks for sharing. Hope you will visit Magnolia Cottage. I am your newest follower.


  24. That is so sweet of your blogging friend--and you described everything so perfectly I feel like I was there as you opened it. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Blogland is filled with so many awesome people who touch our lives in many different ways! I'm happy to hear someone reached out to you and helped lift your spirits during this trying time.

  26. Wow what a toughtful gift and friend!! Sorry that you had to cancel your vacation. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy all the snow we are getting!!!

  27. Such pretty blessings that you received Laurie!! {and just when you needed them}It is SNOWY here today at my daughters place in Burton, Michigan. I think winter has finally arrived. :)

  28. OH, how i LUV this blog. Shabby chic Sandy said it best as I too felt like I was there as you opened it. What a precious friend you have.
    Blessings, Lesa

  29. Thanks for finding I could find you! I'm now following you on LF...hope you'll follow me too! Little Bit from

  30. How beautiful of her to send you a gift...are bloggers amazing!

  31. Those are so beautiful and such a sweet and thoughtful gift and friend.
    What? Oh no sweetie, I am so sorry that you had to cancel your vacations plans. If you need to talk, you can call write or just come on over. :)
    Love ya!

  32. What a SPECIAL friend Clare is! I've been to her blog several times, but not lately.

    So sorry to hear that your trip had to be cancelled, hoping it's nothing serious, but just bad timing. I can understand your disappointment, because even though it's not been a dreadful winter, it's still been a gloomy one.

    I've become a Linky Follower!

  33. Beautiful, beautiful gifts. What a sweet person, your friend Claire!
    Love the pillow, so sweet.
    Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  34. Isn't it wonderful to have such wonderful friends! The gift is beautiful, but the thought behind it is even more special.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  35. So happy a sad day was made brighter for you Laurie!
    Off to visit your friend...thank you for sharing!

  36. what a lovely gesture and what lovely timing.

    almost makes you think it wasn't a coincidence, yes?


    sending sunshine.


  37. A sweet caring friend is a wonderful gift! On my way to visit her blog and etsy shop. Thanks so much for stopping by.
    Mary Alice

  38. Oh, what a wonderful and thoughtful friend you have. The little things she sent you are beautiful and it seems like they arrived at the perfect time. I'm so sorry you had to cancel your trip to Florida, Laurie. I know how much you love it there. hugs ♥

  39. How absolutely charming !! It makes your heart sing to see such goodness at work in the world...Gail x

  40. What a lovely and charming gift! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift at Potpourri Friday!

  41. Hi Laurie,

    thank you so much for your lovely comment! I just found out that you left an earlier comment...... I'm so sorry, that I haven't noticed that for such a long time! I will now start to walk through your blog but don't worry...... I'll do my best to not disturb you ;-)))!

    I feel sorry for you that you can't go on vacation this spring (hope you're not sick........) so I send you a big bunch of sunrays!!!

    Greetings from Germany!
    Yours Birgit

  42. Hello! Found my way here from Blondie's Journal. Your blog is beautiful and restful! What beautiful gifts you received from your blog friend-those gifts say a lot about you too. Glad to meet you!

  43. So sorry you had to cancel you trip. How lucky you are to have such a great find, who "knew" you needed a little something! What a very charming gift, and now will also have to save old sheets, who knew. My thoughts are often with you during this time. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!

  44. how wonderful, everything is so lovely. She is a sweet friend. xo

  45. Oh Laurie I'm so sorry your plans had to be cancelled, but that gift sounds as though it were heaven sent. The contents were such sweet treasures and so gorgeous. Thanks for giving us a peek of them, there is so much inspiration in them. I have a weakness for the birdie embroidery and the pearl filled bottle is amazing. xoxo ~Lili


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