Thursday, January 5, 2012

A French-Nordic Winter

Well, with all the Christmas decorations stored away for another year,
it was a good time to re-floof Heaven's Walk for the winter season.

It was an easy transition this year 
because of the neutral palette I used for Christmas.

My soul was still yearning for a indoor "garden" feel -
probably because I'm missing working out in my flowerbeds...
and because we received our first big snowfall.

My little topiary framing the view of the old pear tree outside the kitchen window.

The frantel in the kitchen was dressed with a little fern in a vintage candle pot
and a long vine growing happily in an old urn.

The kitchen is the best place to be in the morning.
It's filled with bright, warm sunshine.

Three vintage French zinc seed pots match the soft gray patina of the little cement garden angel.

A metal birdbath graces the center of our farmhouse table.
It will be moved outside to the back porch in the spring and filled with water for the birds.

It stands in a wooden French tray discovered at Wuslu.

In the living room, the serene French-Nordic style continues
with another long, draping vine in an old urn
next to a small, mercury glass votive.

A French vintage clock is nestled into a smaller version of the same tray on the kitchen table.
It just so happened to fit it perfectly which created a pretty frame for it.

We love to curl up in this room with the fireplace crackling
when the cold winter winds howl outside our windows.
Although, we haven't use it yet this season because our winter has been very mild....
so far.
One month down and three to go.

A big handful of juniper branches sprout from an old garden iron urn on the coffee table.

On top of the TV armoire,
a Nordic cross,
a rusty birdcage on some grain sacks, and the top of an old cheesebox
that I gray-washed and stenciled with some French verbiage,
create a rustic yet elegant vignette.

And in the loo, 
a simple sap bucket holds some cedar and juniper branches - 
lending a wintry feel to the old ladder and vintage linens.

My inspiration for the French-Nordic style at Heaven's Walk
continues to flow from beautiful Swedish blogs

(not to mention Courtney's breathtaking home at French Country Cottage 
and Rachel's gorgeous home at French Farmhouse 425.)

I would still love to build a house one day.
I've always wanted to.
I can see it finished in my mind's eye,
right down to the knobs and pulls and shade of white paint I would use.

In my dreams,
it would look exactly like Anna's at Vita Verandan...

But until that day comes,
Heaven's Walk will do just fine ~
and we'll spend the winter snuggled into her warm embrace...
waiting for spring.

[ Blessings ]

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  1. Your home is so lovely and inspiring. Enjoy your snuggling!

  2. Everything looks so pretty, Laurie! I can just imagine the warmth in your kitchen on a winter's morning with the sun coming through like that. What a great start to your day!

  3. Your home is beautiful, Laurie. Warm and white on a cold day, it's so restful.

    Thank you for linking this lovely post to Potpourri Friday!

  4. So beautiful. Do you have Rachel Ashwell's newest book? I was preusing it this week and noticed the oak trim around doors and windows left as is in her Prairie bed and reminded me of yours. I know if it were in my home I'd be itching to paint it white or grey but wood is timeless and always will be. ox

  5. Your mantle looks lovely, but I have to say I really like that clock.

  6. Happy New Year to you & your family, Laurie!!

    Wonderful pictures again! Love all of them and your inspiring ideas... Your home looks so warm, peaceful and lovely! BTW: Thanks for visiting my little blog and being my newest follower!

  7. Very pretty and perfect for winter. I always find it so refreshing to undecorate. :) Love all your accessories. :)

  8. Hello Laurie,
    Your home is "LOVERLY" You have a good eye and we like your style!
    The Best
    Kathy and Kris

  9. Oh my goodness....what beauty in simplicity! The sun shining through is so pretty! Have a blessed day!

  10. Very nice pictures. I also love the white interior.


  11. I could enjoy snuggling up in your lovely home for the winter!
    I love your previous post as well.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2012!


  12. Hey you!!!
    Your home looks just beautiful! I love how sunny and warm your kitchen is. You've done such a great job creating a Nordic escape! Even snow.....I'm so jealous! :)
    It was a little sad putting the last of Christmas. Everything feels kind of bare. I really want to paint......and redo stuff.......see what a little time off does for me??? Hee hee!
    Love you my sweet, running, decorating, non-strutting, friend from Michigan!
    Shellagh :)

  13. I enjoyed seeing your January transition, Laurie. Everything looks so pretty and soothing. We haven't gotten a big snow yet. I'm kind of glad but I know it's coming. Happy New Year.

  14. I adore all the vignettes and whites. Happy winter.

  15. Thank you so much for linking up so I was able to find your beautiful blog. I am going to go back and read more later but this post just relaxed me so much. You have a lovely home.

  16. You must have loved not having to refill endless bins with Christmas decor and haul it all off to storage! Your home looks calm and cozy for winter snuggling. ~ Maureen

  17. I am so in love with White Veranda's home as well. You have done a beautiful job imitating the gorgeous white, Nordic look...and you have the right weather for it too!

  18. Laurie, it all looks so calm and serene and just lovely! I think the juniper branches are my favorite though. :-) Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Inspiration know how much we love having you join the party!

  19. Loving your simple, yet elegant style mixed with the greenery:-) Enjoy the view from your window at the beautiful snow.


  20. Oh so pretty, Laurie. I love the simple beauty of your vignettes. This style suits you very well.

  21. oh i'm dying over here drooling at your white very pretty! loving every photo! xoxo, tracie

  22. Oh my goodness, just beautiful! I am in love with your sweet clock and those metal zinc pots....I would love to find some of those one day. Your home is the picture of lovliness.. Everything fresh and clean and calming it!! Happy evening friend! xo

  23. Oh my goodness, you just have room after room of prettiness, Laurie. I love all the whites, it feels so restful.

    I had to get out a bunch of my inspiration photos last night and show them to husband again. I'm trying to drill it into his head that I need a house without color which means we have to paint all our's such a battle. lol.


  24. Your home is so lovely, Laurie...and I'm in love with that little birdbath...

  25. Laurie,
    You've inspired me to get going on putting Christmas up! Been putting it off but after seeing how serene and lovely your place is, I'm ready!
    Gee, if we had one of those kitchens, would we really have to cook? I thought we could just sit in there, drink coffee, blog and just soak up the atmosphere! LOL!
    I'm your newest follower and will be back to visit often! I lived in Green Bay for 3 years and miss how beautiful it is up there!

  26. What beautiful images! I was actually working out in my garden yesterday and today. We've had unseasonably warm weather. It makes me want to plant some flowers, but I know we could have snow next week, so I'm just cleaning up my beds :)

  27. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comment!
    ... noticed you mentioned 'my fellow Swedes' in your blog entry - they have such wonderful and inspirational blogs... and so do you :)

    Greetings from Australia♥

  28. Hi!! I really loved your blogg so i will stay here!!

    Love Anna

  29. Hi Laurie! Thank you for your nice comments on my blog :-) Wonderful pictures you show, your home looks lovely!

    Have a nice day.
    Regards Paula

  30. Hi Laurie...i will tell you that everything is fine.......thanks for your support......yesterday it goes much better than wednesday......i was so i must tell you all...but i do not like to tell such a personal things on my blog.......because everything can read know what i mean....i am very relaxt at the moment and have the faith and trust back that everything wil be okee with me....thanks for asking.......your home looks so so wonderful !!! from

  31. Happy New Year Laurie! Your 'winter' home looks warm and cozy and I love the photos with hints of the sun shining through. So serene and peaceful. Who knows, maybe one day your house building dream will come true! Blessings

  32. Although I wish for you to one day build the house of your dreams, for now...your house is your "home" and so very lovely and that means sooo much more! Happy Serenity! xo

  33. Simply gorgeous Laurie! When are the magazine people coming? They need to do a shoot at your home!

  34. These are gorgeous photographs Laurie...and I have the same trays from Wuslu and I love them. Your home is beautiful and ready for winter....whenever it arrives. Our weather has been crazy way down here in the South. 18 degrees one day up to 70 the next....we are all scratching our heads! LOL

    Have a Wonderful Weekend.

    Lou Cinda

  35. I would love to spend time in this room. SO peaceful and soothing. Beautiful!

  36. Hi Laurie!

    Lovely pictures from your stunning home:)
    Thank you for stopping by at Norregård!

    Love Malin

  37. Great winter decor and fantastic photos! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, girl! We have 55 snow. Beautiful sun shine coming in the south kind of winter.

  38. laurie, you have such an eye and such a gift for styling. winter is not my season, but your photos prove it can be beautiful!


  39. I absolutely adore the impact of those simple junipers and lovely garden urns inside your home. They are just as lovely inside, especially in the cold months of wintertime. Your place is so gorgeous Laurie! xo ~Lili

  40. it's a balmy 50 here in chicago ... funny thing is, I know something's brewing ...

    I could move right in here

  41. Just beautiful Laurie, I love the French Nordic look too.

  42. Everything looks so pretty at Heaven's Walk, Laurie. Snuggling in front of a crackling fire would be wonderful on a cold winter's night.

  43. Laurie your home is a true haven! The beauty you surround yourself with is amazing and I thank you for always making me feel so welcome when I visit!!

  44. Laurie, your home is so soothing. I would love to be in that kitchen. You've given me an idea for a cheese box that I've got.

  45. such a lovely post, laurie:) pictures full of charm and warmth-its all beautiful!

  46. I love the quiet, peaceful feeling your home always has!

  47. I enjoyed looking at your decor. Now I am wondering how I can get that look for me:)

  48. Hi Laurie,
    Thanks for the pretty tour, I love the soft cozy feel and that zinc birdbath is dreamy!! I am jealous of that snow!! We have had a mild year, but I am hoping...
    Stay snuggly,

  49. All is calm and bright and beautiful in your home this Winter Laurie. Thank you for showing us through lovely home.

  50. Another beautiful post my friend so inspired every visit. Hope you have a lovely day.

    Always Wendy

  51. Hello ! Everything looks gorgeous and tres French. We also have it very mild for this time of was below zero before Christmas and now it's about 7 degrees and rainy !! Your snowy vista looks lovely and I know how you feel about wanting to get out into those flowerbeds ...we have crocus peeping up and snow drops ( no flowers yet)...I have put away all the Christmas decs but now desperately NEED a nice bunch of flowers ! Have a nice week ! Gail x

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. I love juniper!

    Happy New Year!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  54. It's so pretty, Laurie. I can just feel my stress melt away when I look at your beautiful, peaceful home. I love the Jim Brickman music you have playing also ~ so soothing. Who needs a spa day when all I have to do is visit your little piece of heaven!

  55. I also have a "thing" for Nordic interiors. They're a little less fussy than French, and still very lovely and cozy. Your post is lovely, as is your home.

  56. P.S. from Revi - I thought I was following you already - I certainly visit enough! But, now I am a new follower!

  57. I just love your style! Your vignettes are always so perfect, I love everything about them.

    I added a link on my last post to you beacuse I finally did some of your "mod podge" on my pots. They came out perfectly so thank you so much for the idea!


  58. What a lovely home tour! I LOOOVE your mantel (especially that pretty white window frame).

    Beautiful photos too!

    Thanks SO much for linking up your awesome posts @ Feature Friday Free-for-All!

    P.S. I'm a new follower : )

    ~Abbie (

  59. just beautiful! You have a gift for decorating and picture taking!

  60. Just gorgeous Laurie! It all looks so serene and inviting. JDL and Nordic all over! I love that birdcage & the grain sacks. Thanks for the links to those Nordic blogs, too!
    - Susan

  61. LOVE IT ALL!!!

    barbara jean

  62. Found your beautiful blog today and wanted to say hi! I am your newest follower :) love your house it is just so gorgeous.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  63. Just beautiful! I too am keeping a winter look throughout my home your post is wonderful inspiration.

  64. Oh Laurie your home is just absolutely beautiful!! I adore the French Nordic style and you do it so well!! Love the juniper branches with the serene whites- beautiful!! Thanks for linking up & for the sweet shout-out too! xoxox,Courtney

  65. Your home is Your mantel so beautiful, love the vintage seed pots. It's nice to thinking of your family sitting by the fire together, as winter winds blow, snow falling and creatures outside reminding us spring will come once more. But knowing, we should enjoy each season. Thanks for sharing your inspiration at Sunday's Best!

  66. Beautiful! What a peaceful and serene setting!! I'm sure it is a special space for your family...

  67. Laurie, congrats on being the January spotlighted blog over at Faded Charm. Love your style it's so beautifully soothing.

  68. Laurie,

    I love the seed pots so much. And I can't believe you made that treasure out of a cheese box. It is beautiful. I am adding you to my blog list.


  69. Cozy, clean, and peaceful..... what a nice accomplishment. Very nice images, too.
    :-) Sue

  70. What a lovely home you have - it looks so inviting. I especially love your metal bird bath, I have two little ones myself that I adore.
    What is it about a little bird sitting on a bath.....
    best wishes,

  71. Such a beautiful room! I think I spy a lot of Wuslu items in there (because I have a bunch of them myself!). Thanks for sharing at SCC!


  72. your mantels are so beautiful & I like your trailing plant. I love Anna's blog, VV also. Her black & white cat always makes me smile!

  73. I am one of your followers and always enjoy your beautiful posts. Your pictures are always so gorgeous. I just wanted to let you know that.

  74. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  75. The way the light falls in your room is just magical - you lucky thing!!

    You do this style to perfection. I love it!!


  76. everything is gorgeous! I love all of the zinc, the little pots are perfect on the mantle. I follow a couple of the blogs that you mentioned, but now I must go visit the others! I love the nordic way of decorating too! t.xoxoxox

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  79. I just found your charming blog, LOVE IT! Come see me at mine. XX Jo


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