Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brrr! Boots & A Basket


As the temps dip ever closer to the winter average around here ~

(which is just waaaay too cold for this girl)

and after experiencing our first 3" snowfall on November 10 ~

(which is waaaay too early for that kind of stuff to be happening,
but thank goodness it melted the next day)

my thoughts tend to shiver their way toward things that will keep me warm.

I want to surround myself with thick, snuggly, bury-yourself-in-it

Things that warm my fingers and toes by just looking at them.

A little Christmas in the guest room

Like the vintage French basket full of yarn at the end of the bed
in the guest room...

I just want to crawl right into that pile of angora and chenille
and hibernate for the winter.

{forgetting all about the cold, snowy winds outside my windows
and dream of sinking my toes in the warm sand on my little island beach down south..}

My favorite cashmere-blend gloves and scarf...

and a new pair of warm, furry snowboots

will unfortunately

be getting a lot of use in the months ahead.

Stay cozy.

Old Man Winter's knockin' on the door.

{ Warm Blessings }

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  1. Those snow boots are heavenly! Amy x

  2. Your guest room is a dream. We don't get snow but have been fogged in for three days now and it is cold. I miss the sun.

  3. Beautiful photos, and we are getting snow right now. My internet keeps going out. Hoping to see about 6" by morning. Loving it!!

  4. Hey I have those snowboots. Bought some new black to the knee riding boots. they are all a rage here. Love the scarf and mitts.
    Your guest room looks so inviting.

  5. Lovely boots.Here we have warm and sunshine from Monday.We never have snow and I love the winter with cold and snow....

  6. Beautiful boots Laurie!! Omg snow already??? It is 85 degrees here today. We are expecting it to drop to the 60s by Friday. Your holiday guest room looks beautiful...thanks for sharing! xokathee

  7. It's pretty chilly where I am too. That little touch of Christmas in your very inviting guest room is perfect. Stay warm.

  8. Oh what a happy way to spend the snowy months!
    Love your guest room..wintry white!
    Oh such warmth and coziness with those boots and gloves and scarf.
    Oh you are all set Laurie...I don't like the cold at all but I do love the beauty of the snow.

    Deborah xoxo

  9. ...how funny!
    i just bought a pair of warm furry boots too!!
    although the thought of my toes in the WARM sand sound much more enticing:)

    how about i come stay for a night in that cozy quest room of yours and then we head down to the sun and sand for the winter?!
    NO boots required!

    xo, Rosemary

  10. Your guest room looks very welcoming at the moment, as I am feeling a little chilly and sleepy! Of course, warm sand sound great too! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

  11. So beautiful and cozy! Love it! xoxo

  12. ohmygosh! LOVE the boots, you look like you have a tiny foot!

  13. My mom grew up in an old farmhouse in Michigan. They were not insulated very well back then. She remembers waking up with snow on the floor of her room because it came in through the cracks in the walls and around the window. Brrrrr!!!

  14. Brrrrr is right getting snow right now here in IN But so beautiful and cozy almost makes me want to have a slumber party...

  15. Hi Laurie,
    So glad your room is ready for company because I am moving in and never leaving!! GORGEOUS!! I need to redo my home...eek!!

  16. snow already?! gosh, i love the white stuff, but that is probably because we don't get it very often in tennessee! your lovely images have warmed me up just fine and your guest room looks like a vision right out of a Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine! beautiful.

  17. Your guest room looks so cozy and inviting. It looks like you will stay nice and warm this winter. We haven't had any snow yet. I'm not looking forward to the cold winter.

  18. What a lovely guest room Laurie. I hope you manage to stay nice and warm through out the colder months :-)
    I love your stamped hangers from your last post, I may have to try making some for our guest room. xx

  19. You have some beautiful cozies! And LOVE your guest room ready for Christmas! I love that simple gorgeousness.

  20. Gorgeous room can I please come and stay? - I've always fancied a white Christmas!

  21. O yes ...it is almost their...WINTER !!.......love love from me...xxx

  22. Can I come stay with you? What a beautiful room and love the little touch of Christmas, just perfect!

  23. What a beautiful room that is! Are you taking reservations:)

  24. Your room is beautiful! Can't say I envy your weather but I wouldn't mind an excuse to wear those boots!

  25. Same here, I don't miss snow , but I want to have a reason to wear some of my winter clothing.
    Your room is absolutely darling !
    Stay warm My Dear !

  26. I was blog hopping and saw this posting. I was so surprised to see my lavender sachet among your lovely white things. Glad to see it found a lovely place to perch! Beautiful!

  27. Hi Laurie,
    Its getting chilly here as well, the frost is clinging to the trees hanging on for dear life :)
    We are draging out all the white and gray quilts:)

    Love your guest room, it looks so Nordic and that little tree is perfectly peaceful.
    see you and your beautiful photos that inspire soon.
    Blessings to you and the family.

  28. Your guest room is so lovely!
    I'm pinning it right now!


  29. can i borrow your boots?!... cute! love the tree on the bureau... so natural and pretty. : )

  30. I love your guest room and all your warm cozy accessories!


  31. Oh so lovely and cosy that bedroom looks !! the button - on gauntlets on your gloves are such a great idea for extra warmth...we have no snow yet but it sure feels like it is on the way brrrr! Have a warm cosy weekend ! Gail x

  32. Hi What a nice guest room . I like your boot hugs Karina

  33. I love this room...it seems so cozy. Laurie, what's that cloth on the end of the bed? Can I ask where you found it? I want it :)

  34. A beautiful warm cosy little nook......love it all !

  35. How beautiful girlfriend. Toasty warm looking to me!

    Now...gotta tell you I love your profile pic. You are GORGEOUS! WOWZERS!

    xoRebecca PS: I hope this makes your day! :0

  36. The guest room looks pretty cozy with the yarn and little tree. Looks like you are ready for the cold months ahead with your new boots, and the warm scarf and gloves.

  37. Love your guest room. I bet your guests don't want to leave. Can't believe it is winter again. Hope you will be sharing some winter photos of that beautiful yard of yours...and the barn. Can't wait to see how it looks in the winter. XO

  38. the basket of creamy goodness....ahhhhhh, winter!


  39. Your guest room is beautiful...so warm and inviting. I doubt that your guests will ever want to leave. Absolutely lovely room.
    I am visiting from 2805 Potpourri party.

  40. Very nice! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  41. Cozy, warm AND gorgeous is everything on here. Love the fibers in that vintage wired basket. That is a scrumptious look indeed! Pinning it. xo ~Lili


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