Saturday, May 28, 2011

Front Porch Floofing.....

So, how does a gal
who lives out in the country
entertain herself during another

cold, dreary, drizzly weekend
here in Michigan...?
(Yes, I'm still considering building an ark...)

Everything outside my windows 
is so green and lush.
Happily blooming and reveling in the cool, wet days we've had.

Tree peony

White lilac

Million Bells, Licorice plant, Lobularia

Great for the gardens.

Not so great for this gal.

So...beneath the shelter of my front porch

I floofed.

Last year I had a pale blue boho-printed pillow set on the loveseat 
which I really loved 
but I needed a change.....which is nothing new if you know me.
So, I packed it all away....
until I change my mind again sometime in the future.
This year, since I was going for more of a sophisticated Jeanne d'Arc look in the gardens,
(neutrals and white)
I took a hemp linen grain sack from inside the house, 
stuffed it with a king-size pillow for the backrest,
and tucked a freshly washed painter's drop cloth around the
seat cushions on the loveseat.

Another more rustic style flea market find grain sack became a pillow for the rocker.

Then, I dug out an old floral down-filled pillow from the vast pillow collection in my basement and plunked it on the porch swing.

coffee table: flea market, pitcher: IKEA, loveseat: Pier I, rocker: flea market

Hubby, who was working in the garage at the time, 
with eyes rolling nonetheless,
watched me scurry in and out of the front door,
my arms laden with various and sundry items
needed for a proper floofing.
I was in my glory.

The cheap round tables have been painted white
and I draped one with a piece of burlap 
and topped it off with a piece of windowpane check linen.

bottle carrier & bottles: flea market

vintage iron lamp: flea market, clock: Pier I

bucket:  Doster Emporium & Antiques: vintage picnic basket: garage sale
I felt it looked less fussy,
and brighter.
But does it need something else?

Is it missing.....just....something....?

(A seat cushion for the swing or some French red toile, maybe....?)

Whatcha think?

Escaping inside before another rain storm blew in,
I started floofing around in the kitchen.
I moved the beautiful art print I won from Gina's giveaway 
(thank you, Gina!)
to the top of the pie safe next to my French pitcher collection.
It added depth and dimension to that corner of the room.

Dee and Kelly at Red Letter Words created this beautiful 
typographic cafe mount art print
with one of my favorite scriptures.
It's the first thing my eyes fall on when I walk in the kitchen.

It comforts me.

Dee & Kelly create inspirational art that "connect people to the unchanging truth of God’s word and reminds them just how much God loves them. Red Letter Words takes its name from the words spoken by Jesus in the New Testament, 
which appear printed in red in some editions."
They do beautiful work.
Visit their studio and I know you'll be blessed.
A little floofing took place earlier this year in my studio

vintage French pitcher: Dreamy Whites, fan: flea market, vintage frame: Doster Emporium & Antiques, twine ball/scissors: LaurieAnna's Vintage Home

where a little vintage French country vignette fell into place
with twine balls, burlap, glass containers (from Farmhouse Wares), 
and a vintage French inspired twine can (from LaurieAnna's Vintage Home).

Floofing completed for the day.

It's still raining
and more is predicted.

Time to gather wood for that ark....

Hey, honey....where do we keep the nails.....?

So, when you're not building your ark,
how do you spend your rainy days?

{ Hugs }

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  1. Your front porch is so lovely. I love the muted, simplicity of it all. Sorry about so much rain...bring on the sun!!

  2. Loving the floofing, Laurie. I don't think your porch needs "something". I love the simplicity of it. Gorgeous. Jeanne d'Arc would be proud. We've had a lot of rain too. Several small "unconfirmed" tornadoes hit our area in NY and destroyed many streets in our town. The national weather service has yet to confirm the tornadoes but plenty of photos of small tornadoes & funnel clouds all over our region have flooded in. We don't get tornadoes...EVER so I was freaking out, huddled in my hallway with my babies. My heart goes out to the Missouri and Alabama folks. We just got a miniscule dose of mother nature in comparison. Have a blessed Memorial Day!

  3. Laurie,
    Love your front porch!! Love the property you live on! Hey , you are sick of the rain, and I am sick of overcast skies. Afterall, I live in sunny S. California right? My patio garden needs some 'real' sunshine to grow. I am sure the HOT temps of summer will be here soon... but we are having another cool overcast weekend here as well. I pulled the sewing machine out and am experimenting with a skirt pattern.=)

  4. Laurie, you are the floofer! I love the porch! I liked it before, too, but it is fresher and cleaner looking. Simple elegance. I would love a porch like that!
    I also love the kitchen redos. Love the inspirational sign. I love all the fun.
    Rainy days have been here as well, but the are good for everything yet to come. And they make us do all the little things that we put off on sunny days to walk barefoot through the Heaven outside.
    I am so glad you had your creative time. It soothes the soul and recharges us.
    Hope you have a sunny day tomorrow. We have got 10 days with no rain coming and warmer let the outside fun begin again! The eye rolling will begin here! LOL
    We have gotten caught up with the inside cleaning and laundry, for now. I also have had time to catch up on my blogging and hopping!
    Have a great weekend, friend!
    Hugs- Tete

  5. I think it looks fantastic. Your floofing came out great. Love the grain sack cover on the looks terrific. Your yard is beautiful...and I love your little pond and fountain. So pretty!! You have such an amazing back yard...I could not imagine what it would feel like to have such wonderful space. I would love to see a photo of your front yard one of these days!!!

  6. I LOVE your porch makeover! The touches of red are right up my alley! I love the gray table too. The white and red bucket...swoon! Oh, and winning the red letter words, lucky you! It's great!

  7. The porch looks great; how about some greenery?


  8. When I first looked at my blogroll I thought your porch had been flooded not floofed..I've never heard of that term before! I am glad you haven't been flooded, though the weather has given you plenty of rain. Your floofed porch looks lovely..and what do I do when rained in..make cushions..or they would be pillows in your neck of the woods..and sometimes I make aprons and other sewed things!

  9. What a great post !! love your garden and your seat !! is stumming !!! your coffee table the most !! nice...i would like to drink a capucinno with you on that place......o my...happy

  10. I was loving the beautiful view from the porch into your yard. THEN you showed us where we would sit to enjoy that view, and I fell in love!! How comfortable and cozy looking! You make me want to go outside and do some floofing of my own ... perhaps later.

  11. You porch looks great both ways,but change is always nice.Your porch looks like a very peaceful haven.
    This cool wet weather does keep things in bloom for a lot longer then the hot days so as gardeners we can be happy for that!

  12. Your porch is gorgeous and I don't think you need to add anything! What a wonderful place to sit and relax!

    I love your word 'floofing', that is so cute! I'm going to have to borrow that:) Our apartment is small but I still magage to spend many an hour moving things.

    I love the rain, it must be my English side. My husband works Sunday through Thursday so today's his Monday (boohoo) and we woke up to rain which was not forecasted! Love it!!!

  13. everything looks just wonderful.....your gardens, pond, porch and kitchen!! the only thing missing from your porch is the birdsong, but i can hear it in my mind.....lovely. i love that word, "floofing"......never heard that before.....i say "tweaking", and do it way too often and hubby rolls his eyes too. ha ha.

  14. Your porch looks fabulous. I would love some of that rain. I love the new lighter look, it is so pretty. All of your vignettes are stunning. Hugs, Marty

  15. All of your floofing looks beautiful Laurie. You porch looks like a cozy, yet restful spot. I don't think it needs anything else at all. It's been very rainy here too, so I feel your pain :)

    hugs ♥ tricia

  16. It is all beautiful to me...befores and afters. They are all lovely. I like the swing without a seat cushion. One thing I miss about the midwest is all the lush greenery. Here it all dries up. We have had continued rain too. Only one week of sunshine so far. And guess what? The fields have still turned to golden. No more green except in the trees. I have been whitening my Sea Cottage too. I really can't wait till my kitchen is all white someday. It will be such a transformation. Love to you sweetie. ox

  17. Laurie,
    The front porch looks lovely. I do like the clean look. It is restful, summery and cool. Your gardens look wonderful too.
    I was looking at your Toby in the sidebar - he looks just like our Tony! We also have 3 cats, and one dog.
    Have a fabulous weekend. I'm going to scroll around some more on your beautiful blog.

  18. Aahhhhhh...I could sit here all day sis. Everything looks so fresh and pretty. Loved the porch last year, and love it this year as well.
    You are so amazing!
    I can just see Rog rolling his eyes and shaking his head...LOL.
    Love you, Sweetie.

  19. G'day!

    wow lovely pictures I LOVE the swing on your porch...divine.. :-))

    about the bag...the shop I got it from was one of those pop ups, I cannot remember the name...but I looked on the name for you and it is made by Ivory House...hope that helps

    sarah xxx

  20. Love your porch!!! It is beautiful!!!

  21. Oh, so Peaceful. Love it all. Your yard is gorgeous...
    We are at our up north place here in Mi. & it has finally stopped raining here.. the sun is poking thru & tomorrow promises to be a really nice day... Enjoy your porch with a nice glass of lemonade after all that work.. : )

  22. It all looks so beautiful and your pond is amazing! Have a great weekend!

  23. "I was in my glory." ... Now THAT'S a sentiment I can understand when it comes to decorating! Nice post!

  24. Laurie, your flowers are gorgeous. Love all your wicker and that porch swing is calling my name. I sooooo miss our porch swing.
    Have a nice holiday! ~ Sarah

  25. HI Laurie, what a great post. I can't seem to get enough porch pictures and yours don't disappoint. I love how unfussy it is and beautiful with the cushions and pillows. It looks great. Beautiful blog...I'm your new follower.

  26. Your porch looks great, Laurie. Great job! Susan

  27. What a lovely porch! absolutely love it. and your garden is so peaceful looking. Great pics, thanks for sharing.

  28. Your porch and garden are so grand looking. Here in Metro Detroit, we have five days of rain already..

  29. I like the before and after equally. Maybe make a small pillow out of your red/white windowpane fabric and put a dash of red (like a button or piece of lace) for your hanging swing.
    Your porch looks like "heaven" on earth to me.
    ps what you call "floofing" I call "fluffing and buffing".
    pps midwesterners, please send some rain to tidewater area of VA

  30. Hi, This is my first visit to your beautiful blog, but it won't be the last :) Gosh I love your porch!! We too have had so much rain and strong winds (Denmark-Europe) let's vote for summer!!

  31. The only thing that lovely porch needs is some sun and you sitting and enjoying it!!

  32. New follower! Thanks for the very relaxing tour. How very pretty. I love your simple coffee table in the middle of all that softness. Happy Tuesday. Jules ♥

  33. Oh Laurie I am in love with your beautiful garden and now your beautiful porch! I loved it before and I love it after all your floofing! You put your lovely touch on everything.
    Thank you Laurie for your lovely message you left for me. It meant so much to me.
    hugs form here...

  34. Your garden and your porch are very pretty! i like the items you added to the porch. The vignette with twine is very nice also. I love the string in the picture frame. Very cute. On my next Home Sweet Home party I featured your post you entered this past week. I worked on that post today. Thanks for coming by.

  35. Would so love to sit on your porch and have a cuppa with you. Fabulous!! oh and the pictures of your garden are just beautiful..

  36. Fantastic blog. Do visit my blog and leave your footprints by posting comments

  37. Just lovely. That is a wonderful, peaceful place to enjoy life. Well done!!

  38. Forgot to mention that I am your newest follower, and honored to do so.

  39. Hi Laurie, your front porch looks gorgeous and you used my favorite color for an accent. I love the cushion and have been looking for one like that, I'll probably make one once I start this sewing stuff. The enamel bucket with the red is to die for, seriously! Thank you for asking about my little nest. I will probably add some to my shop, but they'll have a bit more to them. Love yours on your header, gorgeous!

  40. You did a fantastic job on your front porch. What clever use you made of your time inside. Now it's ready for warm summer days. I think a cushion on that porch swing would be the perfect finishing touch, if it isn't perfect already. You are really talented with that sewing machine - can you come help me floof up my porch? I've got a window seat that needs some serious floofing too. Your gardens are lovely too. All that rain becomes them.

  41. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Thank you for sharing.

    " Regina "

  42. *sigh* your yard and porch and home are so beautiful my dear. I am in love with your pond and waterfall. When you finishing floofing around there you can come floof over here. :) I love the porch and your changes and a soft cushion with maybe some ruffles would look so pretty on your swing perhaps? Anyway you do it looks beautiful.
    Hey you know what? It JUNE and only a few more weeks til the flea market!!! :)

  43. Oh my goodness, your porch is just so heavenly indeed Laurie! I love love love everything you have there, the way you styled it is perfect for me. I can see myself there, enjoying my 12 acres too! Thanks for being so sweet and for posting my giveaway on your blog. I really am grateful!

  44. Your porch looks amazing. One of the best uses I've seen for the striped linen is the pillow cover. Truly heavenly. Thanks for stopping by to see our roses, too. Jane

  45. I have to say it, I just wanted to jump right into my computer and relax on your porch! Such a soothing place you have created!

  46. Hi Laurie,
    thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a dear comment. The heart you asked I don's sell at the moment, but maybe I will some day... I am preparing to open my own little interior-shop this autumn, so this heart will be a part of the items I am going to sell.
    You have such a beautiful home, your garden is gorgeous. You did such a great porch redecoration. Now it all looks calm and peaceful. You asked what else you could change, well I would replace the rug. A burlap rug would complete the look totally. The cusions are perfect... the bucket, the flowers everything - just awesome!
    xoxo Mira

  47. Hi Laurie, Love your posts and your humor! We have the same dreary rain, but everything is green and beautiful. Your flower photos are just gorgeous!
    You have been busy floofing! It feels great to get things accomplished. I guess I better get busy :).
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie
    P.S. I'm having another giveaway :)

  48. All the pictures are so lovely. I think the lilacs are my favorite!

  49. Love your fluffed porch, too. Isn't it fun doing that. Love your grainsack pillow.

  50. It is fun to floof - I am in the mood to do it - throughout the house!
    Love everything you did -
    Have a great Friday,

  51. Thanks for linking this up too! Very nice!

  52. Stopping over from Common Ground to say hello - Gorgeous! okay - so how far away are you from Northville? so curious....oxox, tracie

  53. Sorry about the weather!! I'm facing the opposite..., spending some time in FL and having to get used to all that bright sunshine, haha!

    What you created is wonderful... and sunny!!

  54. Oh, almost forgot..., "Sailing Faith" is included in this weekends coastal mix.

  55. Your porch is just dreamy! Everything is so lovely and I felt like a just went on a mini-vacation. :-) Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday!

  56. Hello! I just became your most recent follower! I love you blog - your photos are gorgeous and I love your front porch. Actually the whole setting of your house is idyllic and so restful looking! How fun to live in a beautiful old farmhouse. You've done a beautiful job with your decorating - a very talented lady!

    Nan - a neighbor from Wisconsin!

  57. So pretty Laurie!!! Hope you have a "sunny" weekend...hope, hope, hope! :)

  58. HI Laurie, just found you blog, it's so pretty!! And I love your header photos, ahhh....would love for you to pay me a visit sometime, definitely going to be following your beautiful posts!
    take care, devon :)

  59. Laurie, your front porch looks gorgeous! I love the grain sacks and all your flea market finds! It is nice that you already had all the stuff and didn't even need to buy anything new for the redo. Your garden looks amazing too! Hopefully the rain will stop soon, so you can enjoy it more.


  60. I could spend some time on your porch! Love everything that you have done. My favorite thing is the white bucket with the red rim! So perfect.
    Saw your link on BNOTP and I'm now following.

  61. Looks great! In the south, we'd add a fern...we add those and sweet tea or lemonade to all our porches! ;o) Really like the enamelware bucket. Last year's porch looked nice too.

  62. Summer time looks so cool and refreshing at your place. Love how your blog looks.
    Joyce M

  63. Hi Laurie!
    It's just beautiful! I really love the changes you made. The before pictures remind me of mine now ~ need to do me some updating outside as well. If the news is right, you should be getting some nice HOT weather by now! Love your style :) You're a doll!

  64. Beautiful ~ Your Sweet Porch is Perfect~ the only thing I think I would do, is to add an Old Urn with a big Fluffy Green Fern or Maybe 2.....
    You always have such a Beautiful touch with Your Photos

  65. Your blog is stunning! The porch is just perfect:)I must say the photography is divine! Now, am your newest follower..hope to see you on my blog!...and if you kindly follow me back..I will be more than happy!:)
    Have a great week!

  66. So absolutely beautiful Laurie~ love your front porch! The soft whites and the pretty grainsack... love... sharing this at the party tonight~ Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  67. Dear Laurie,

    You're blessed.

    You never have to leave home.

    Just beautiful.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  68. Oh, your garden and porch are soooo pretty...feeling very inspired to go do some re-arranging myself now!

  69. Hi Laurie, what a gorgeous front porch. I love both looks! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration, xo Debra

  70. Your front porch is beautiful! I love the beautiful blue table as well. Great job and thanks for the inspiration.

  71. Everything looks lovely...I especially love the vignette with the frame and the twine etc....very pretty. Laurel

  72. Once again blogger would not let me comment, So now it will. Love your blog and thank you for coming over to visit, Your poach is so pretty I could sit there all day long and have my coffee and read. I am now your newest follower. look forward to visiting often...


  73. Oh wow - every time i visit - its just more gorgeous! thanks for sharing over at Cottage Flora Thursday's xoox, tracie

  74. Hi Laurie, Your porch and yard are gorgeous. At least the rain is making your garden beautiful. I just love the grain sack pillow!

  75. Hello Laurie,
    LOVE your porch and that grain sack pillow is great for your loveseat!!


  76. Hi Laurie, everything you did is just amazing, I was in my basement too digging around for things I had forgotten about:) Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment.


  77. Fantastic job! Love it creative. Now I am a toile addict so I think some light colored toile would be perfect...not the harsh shades.

  78. Your front porch looked lovely before you did the floofing...but looks even more inviting after the floofing. Perhaps a quilt draped over the back of the porch swing would finish it off.
    You have inspired me with those cheap tables you painted white. I have some and was thinking about getting rid of them....hmm, may have to rethink that.


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