Sunday, February 20, 2011

{ MIA and an update }

i've been MIA

for what seems like forever

and i've missed you all! 

i have a good reason though

my computer broke

 (ermmm......actually i dropped it on its head)

 and i just got it back on saturday

so i spent numerous days and evenings
bored out of my gourd

well....actually i got caught up on a few odd jobs 
that always get put off because i'm spending time with you
(which is much more important of course ♥)

instead of driving my hubby absolutely nutty 
by my constant whining and weeping and wringing of hands

i sorted through mega piles of magazines to pass on to friends...

floofed my office a tad...

pitcher - etsy; lavender - dreamy whites; fan - allegan antique market; frame - doster emporium; photo - florida bureau of tourism

made my twine and burlap ribbon look pretty in 
containers i purchased at farmhouse wares

containers - farmhouse wares; twine, bird - hobby lobby; burlap ribbon - michael's

scrounged around in the basement and 
made some more book bundles...

boxwood topiary - meijer's; lamp - target; clay tags - me

stenciled french script on tiles to sell this spring...

painted my barn a pretty blue...

(what?????  nooo.....not really.....but i really love the color of this barn)

probably because it reminds me of the ocean
which i've also spent a lot of time dreaming about lately

all in all

i did survive ten days without blogging

(though it was not easy mind you)

and i know that i worried a lot of you

for that ~  i am so sorry

so i want to 

for your concern and your love

you girls just rock my world
you know that?

i know you have been also worried about debbie

i spoke with her today

after spending another two weeks in the hospital

she is home

she still has a feeding port in and is on fluids and ice chips for now

but is feeling a little better
and is glad to be back in her own home
in her own bed

she's hoping to be at least on soft foods by the time she and jim go to sanibel island with hubby and me next month

her surgeon wants her to go with us one way or another also
which was comforting for her to hear

it means that he thinks she'll be feeling much better by that time

she wants to thank you all so much for 
your continued prayers
your continued encouragement
and the loving cards you've been sending her
and she sent a huge hug to you all

you rock her world too  

{ grateful hugs }

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  1. Oh, Thank the Lord you guys are alright. Not a good time, not that anytime is a good time, for your computer to be dumped on its head...LOL. Love your cleaning efforts and it all looks dreamy- and I love the blue barn! Ohm if I had one, it would be getting a paint job.
    Thanks for the update on Debbie- poor girl- got another card ready for her to go in the morning.
    You are both still in my prayers and you all hang in there!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Well, there you! Good to hear it was just computer woes. Boy, you have been busy! You painted an entire barn :) I love love love your office! The French pitcher, flower frog and fan... all of it. The jars with burlap ribbon and twine are so cute, too! You know that I'm going to copy you now.

    Thanks for the update on Debbie! Good to hear she is doing much better and will be vacationing with you, soon! Continued prayers to you both. Hugs...

  3. Welcome back, I looked at my blog roll and thought, where is she?! I'm glad all is well and that your sister is doing better and is back home! I love your pictures and all of your great purchases and vignettes! Look at all the stuff you got done when you didn't have the internet to steal all your time away! hehe

    Kat :)

  4. glad you are back and thanks for the update on debbie. i hope you have a wonderful time in sanibel and that it is a time of rest and rejuvenation for both of you.


  5. No wonder........
    I've been wondering where you've been girl! It hasn't even been a year that I've been blogging, and I find myself not knowing what to do if my internet isn't working... lol! It's rediculous! And then I start doing what you did... fluff... or clean. :) Everything looks just beautiful, Laurie! I love the vintage books and and the French script tile that you made... beautiful! It's ALL beautiful!!
    Glad to hear that Debbie is out of the hospital and back in her own home again. She really is a trooper!! I think your trip together is really going to do wonders for her. :)
    Glad your back... missed you! ♥
    Jo :)

  6. you must feel so much better having your puter back! we might have to start a twelve step program for bloggers........the addiction is real. ha ha. i love all your fluffing and how nice of you to share all your sources. you had me laughing about painting the barn. that IS a gorgeous blue.

    have a super week,

  7. so glad to hear how debbie is doing...i was wondering :0)

    a trip to the beach will be very healing.....

  8. I'm doing the happy dance that you are back! My computer was down for over a month and I had to blog on my hubs teeny tiny notebook computer...not fun!
    Well, my second try at clay tags went better but you are still the queen...and those tiles...LOVE!
    Praying right now for your friend Debbie.
    Love to you,

  9. Well, you know that I am happy you are back and everyone is okay. I am so glad, too, that Debbie is going to Sanibel..and meeting you there! What fun. Sure you don't want to borrow my sister-in-law's Smart Car for the trip down? She doesn't really need it as she can astral project...but we're not gonna talk about that here! Hugs- Diana

  10. Look at you you busy little girl! Love all your pretties honey!! I can totally see you painting that barn blue after a week or so with no blogging!! :) So glad you are back up and running girly! Praying for Debbie and so glad that the Doctors think she needs to go too!
    Hugs to you my dearie!


  11. So glad you are back, great photos and projects (esp. the blue barn, LOL!) I am at the beach today, it was SO fun it's been years since I've been here! I am actually going to do a beachy post soon, I took some fun pictures today. It's funny I think I might go insane if I had to go 10 days without blogging, LOL! Actually I've gone about 6 and I survived! :-)
    I hope Debbie is on the mend soon and you can enjoy a wonderful getaway!

  12. I was so glad to hear from you yesterday. I am so thankful that Deb is home and doing better.

    May I just tell you that your pictures are beautiful and that all of your fluffing is just spot on perfect? I'm sort of glad your computer messed up (don't be mad), because you did some great stuff for us to see.

    I am glad you are back. Have a great week, my friend.

  13. Sweetness...I did not even know you were gone from blogging for so long. I'm so sorry. I began blogging less before I posted about it. The friendships I have made here mean so much to me...but I've been juggling more than I should and have neglected things that I shouldn't. I do want you to know dearness(I know this is not a word and I have never called anyone this before but it is what came to me after reading your loving comments on my blogs)that I will still be here. I am thinking I will post once or twice a week. And I won't be able to get around and visit everyone as often. I can say that the whirling around in my head of 'all things blog related' has stopped. I am sleeping without blogs running through my head and haven't dreamed of blogs this week. That peace that I cherish has returned. It really was consuming me. And I need to be consumed by him. I need to return to abiding in him. Thank you for your kindred heart and neverending have inspired me more than anyone to write a book using my poetry with a 'sea' theme. You are constantly cheering me on and I have needed it. I know that if we do not meet here on earth we will be twirling and singing together on the sea of glass.(Revelation 4). I love you dear friend. kerrie aka fairmaiden

    PS thanking the Lord for his lovingkindness and mercy towards sweet Debbie. How wonderful that you will get to travel on holiday together. ox

  14. You were certainly missed and it's interesting how we become so accustomed to reading one's blog on a regular basis. Your absence was noticed but at least you were productive during your time away! Thanks for the update on Debbie, who is always in my prayers!

  15. Dont feel bad I dropped my computer on its head last year and thought I was going to die out of boredom! I hope you friends gets to feeling better, she will be in my prayers!

  16. I was worried when neither one of you were blogging. Glad you have your computer back and glad to hear that Debbie is back home after another trip to the hospital...still keeping her in my prayers.

  17. Love the frame with the photos hanging off, everything is gorgeous

  18. THERE YOU ARE!! .......i miss you....glad to hear from you !...and i am glad Debbie is home.....i will pray for her.......happy week love love !!

  19. We missed you!! Okay, you got me with the barn comment ... I totally believed you ... that's just how I am. It's good to hear that things are going well, both with you and with Debbie. Your trip will be good for both of you.

  20. Hi Laurie, I checked in in the wee hours of the morning and noticed you back, but was so tired from the weekend events that I knew to wait to write to you. I'm so glad you are back! And shall I say back with some gorgeous images to share with us? Soooo pretty, I think that one with the pitcher would make a stunning blog header. You've got some talent with those tiles too. And thank you for the update on Debbie. When you take your trip please be sure to take some photos so we'll all feel as though we're there with you. xoxo tami

  21. Hi Laurie,
    I am so relieved to hear that both you and Debbie are ok! I was really worried, but now I can breath a sigh of relief! And I think that going to Sanibel together would be the best medicine ever for Debbie! Your photos are wonderful, I especially love the tile! And I was wondering how you managed such a big paint job in such cold weather:)

  22. You did soooo many beautiful things while you were without a computer.


  23. I am so glad that all is ok both with you and it is great to hear that Debbie is going well too. Your photos are gorgeous and it is always a pleasure to stop by and visit you. xx

  24. Hi there Laurie~ I am glad to see you back out here!! I have to tell you that I loved your comment about my 'about me' post and how you and I have so many similarities!! I went to send you an email but I have been having a few issues with gmail recently- so it doesn't always get done. Anyway-glad you are back in blogland and WOW did you get lot's accomplished while you were out! Love the book bundles and the frogs with your pictures~ so charming! Of course the barn is such a great project! :)
    I am glad to hear that things are well with Debbie too- she is in thoughts and prayers and sounds like a vacation will be wonderful for both of you and just what you need.

    Hugs, Courtney

  25. Laurie: I just bought an external hard drive. Whew.
    Lovely photos.
    Mary Ann

  26. gday, glad to see you have the problems sorted is amazing tho what gets done when the computer is not on!


  27. OMG, if I had to go ten days without the computer I would go nuts!! Love your photos. Love the jars from farmhouse wares. I have the milk bottle and the crates she sells. Love Sanibel. Have fun.

  28. So glad to hear you are doing well and so is Debbie. I know how weird it can be without the World wide web but after a few days it feels like old times and you get into that routine too. It's good to have the time but you miss all your friends.

    Missed you,

  29. So sorry about your computer. Hate it when that happens! :) Love your photos and your vignettes!

  30. So sorry about your computer. Glad to hear you are back on track. I see so much love in blogland for Debbie. I hope she continues to heal, and that you all enjoy Sanibel. We just love it there. Beautiful photos and vignettes. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I love your pretty blue barn!! Fellow Michigander here :-)

  32. So glad to have you back! You were missed :] Looks like you were a busy girl! Love all the pics! Very pretty!

  33. It sounds like you got lots accomplished during the down time!

    I think that blue barn is really pretty too. (o:

  34. Oh what pretty things you have. I'm so glad that you are back and you have been missed.

    I'm glad to hear that Debbie is home and on the mend. She and you both are sweeties.


  35. I am so glad I found your blog. Its lovely. All the best wishes to Debbie. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas. I am a follower.

  36. Glad you're back and sharing such beautiful lovlies with us.

    Take care,


  37. Big hugs to you and Debbie, and I'm praying for her "Every Single Day"!
    Oh My, it is so hard when our computers are down... Gee, all our friends live in these little boxes!!! My ears have been ringing...Hmmm, was that you sending us ESP while you worked up some really Pretty things for us???
    Love it all, I Really love those jars, they are such fun...
    Hugs to you,

  38. Glad your back and also happy to hear that Debbie is at home. Your "puttering" is beautiful :-)

  39. I almost need ten days without my computer just to get caught up on my reno's and projects...but I just can't do it! I am loving all your decorating Laurie and I am glad to hear that your sis is feeling better and home again! Hugs to you both! ~Deb~

  40. Hi! I just popped over from White Wednesday, and I love meeting new people from Michigan :) I was just playing with my burlap ribbon this past weekend, I love that stuff! Yours looks so pretty in a glass jar along with your other twine. Your french script tiles are so pretty also. My barn is red but I would love that blue! Have a great weekend! Theresa xoxo

  41. Hi Laurie ~

    Your photos are wonderful! I LOVE the colour of your barn ~ how soft and beautiful and seaside-ish. Your studio must be a delight to work in ~ so pretty.

    Ciao bella,

  42. Oh - no computer...I'd go absolutely bonkers!
    Glad you were able to put your time to such good use - love those tiles!


  43. Laurie~ Thanks so much for your comment about my chalkboard heart! :) I love all the things you can paint with chalkboard paint! I love your blog, looks like you have a very special bunch of followers; I hate when I have computer problems and I can't blog; I usually head to the library because i can't stand to miss anything! :) Your clay tags are beautiful, I love them!


  44. Hello Laurie,
    What lovely pictures you took!!! Everything is so sweet!!!
    Thank you for the update on Debbie, I think about her daily and send my love and prayers her way.
    It will be so nice for her to go to Sannibel I know she has talked about it for a while You won't be far from where I live!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend and glad you are back
    Suzann ~xoxox~

  45. Your photos and set-ups are just so beautiful!

  46. Loving all your pretty pic, missy! I'm so glad Ms Sweet Debbie is doing the very best! I have been thinking of her....and still praying of course! I am loooving the those flower frogs! I'm still on the hunt for one..I think they're just precious! ;) Hugs to you sweet friend!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  47. I have an award for you- stop by and snag it!
    Hugs- Tete

  48. Thank you so much for the very sweet comment on my blog. Loved your desciption of your first house:-) Have a lovely weekend and its wonderful to be in touch.

  49. you're style is such an inspiration!

  50. Everything is so gorgeous! I'm absolutely loving the books, aren't they so much fun?!?

  51. A lovely post! I can tell there are many prayers going out--I will add mine too.

  52. Bummer about your computer. I would die if I had to go too long without it. Kidding but I would sure miss it. Glad to hear some good news about your sister. Hope you are able to enjoy your upcoming vacation.

  53. Love the fact we're both back! :) Thanks for you thoughtful words. I'm praying for Debbie to gain strength quickly, Sanibel is just around the corner. :) I can't wait either!

  54. Hi Laurie, So glad you're back! We've missed you in blogland! Praying for Debbie. I hope she has a wonderful trip with you.
    ~ Julie


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