Friday, February 4, 2011

{better than shopping}

i will admit

i love to shop

no surprise there....huh?

to my hubby's chagrin

(and my joy)

i love to see a package stuffed in my mailbox

or to see the smiling man in brown 

at my door

so today when i tromped my way to the mailbox

that is buried in a snowbank as tall as me

there was an small, unexpected box 

waiting for

sent me some sunshine

on a cold, winter day

in the box with a sweet note were some 

darling little alphabet flash-cards

scrabble-like letter chips that spelled "home"

and a beautiful little vintage ironstone bowl

thank you so much, dear jo!

i am so grateful for your friendship!

i love my little treasures...

i love my blog friends....



  1. So sweet! You deserve a sweet gift of kindness.

    Everyone in my family loves to see their name on an envelope or package. We all get so excited!

  2. Such a sweet gift! You're pretty sweet, too!

    Enjoy your little treasures!

    Happy weekend, Laurie!

  3. What a lovely gift to find waiting in your mailbox, Jo is truly a good friend!

    Kat :)

  4. A lovely gift from Jo to a special blog friend to many! Enjoy the snow! :)
    ~ Julie

  5. What a sweet gift...but I'm not surprised who it's from...Jo is the SWEETEST! Love her!
    Enjoy your goodies!
    Tammy :-)

  6. Yes Jo is a verry kind person !! nice that she give you all these beautiful presents !!....enjoy them.......but you are also very kind beacause she give them to you !! love love love

  7. Blog friends remind me of the pen pals I had when I was a child ... only with a bit more instant gratification. It is wonderful to get to know folks from all over the country. Sometimes, there's even a surprise gift. Yours is so thoughtful. What a wonderful surprise!

  8. Oh, I love that man in brown, too!! And I love your gifts from sweet, Jo!


  9. Hey sweet friend! So glad you like your little gifts from all the way out here in California!
    Lova ya, girl!
    Jo :)

  10. How super sweet! What a wonderful little surprise! Have a wonderful day! Stay warm!

  11. How sweet and what a wonderful way to warm up on a cold day with a gift from the heart! :)

  12. Oh Laurie, So glad you got such a sweet gift. You deserve it because you are sweet, yourself.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a message for Little Turtle. You are a doll. Susan

  13. aww, that's so nice! I agree, hearing the doorbell ring and finding a little package from a friend is one of life's nicest little pleasures. Speaking of gifts, if you have time, i'd love you to stop by, i'm having my first giveaway! xo Anne

  14. I can't think of a nicer person to get a wonderful surprise like that. You have touched many people, Laurie, with your sweetness and your kind ways. I am thrilled that there are others that know what a dear person you are too.

    What wonderful gifts. I love them all...LOVE those little letters. Hugs- Diana

  15. Hi Laurie!

    First I must say I love your photos!! are so sweet you deserve this sweet treat!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  16. How thoughtful of Jo!
    And you totally deserve it all, enjoy your sweet box of pretties! :-)


  17. How sweet is that! They are all beautiful gifts too : )

  18. OOO, there's just nothing that makes our hearts beat faster than a package in the mail. I am sooo glad you got a little pitter-patter....and such a sweet pkg. at that.:)

  19. Those will look great in your home. I know how you feel about the mailbox. Its like its struggling to stay above water...poor thing.


  20. That was soooo sweet!! Don't you just love surprises:)

  21. That is so sweet!! Jo is such a nice person...and I love what she sent you!! That is going to look great in your house. I hope you are having a nice weekend...I am off to NYC tomorrow...and then back Wed night. XOXOX

  22. What a sweet package! Love the little letters. Very nice ray of sunshine indeed.

  23. I'm probably one of the few people who does not like to shop! But... what sweet gifts these are!!!!


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